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Norwegian vs. Scottish Smoked Salmon


Norwegian Smoked Salmon

This type of smoked salmon is one of the most popular varieties in the market today. It can be farmed or wild (see below for the difference between wild smoked salmon and farmed smoked salmon), and it is caught/farmed in the cold waters of the fjords of Norway. Norwegian smoked salmon is distinguished by its peachy-pink color, leaner – since it has less fat, some attribute it less taste- and is has a more densely smoky flavor than the Scottish variety, with a more intense aroma. The texture is silky smooth, a little on the oily side, with a flavor that is subtly salty. It can also broadly fall into the category of Atlantic salmon, although Atlantic salmon is also native to Nova Scotia, and can be farmed in the United States. Norwegian smoked salmon undergoes dry-curing with different types of wood, like Juniper.

Scottish Smoked Salmon

Arguably the most highly-prized salmon variety (although Norwegian smoked salmon fanatics will fight you to the death on that one), Scotch smoked salmon has incredibly tender and buttery flesh, with a color that is more orange-pink. This variety is farmed or caught in the cool Scottish waters and lakes. Scottish smoked salmon also falls into the broad category of Atlantic salmon. Popularly, Scottish smoked salmon is recognized by a flavor that comes from the use of oak-barrels or chips from old whisky barrels during the smoking process (Scottish smoked salmon giant, Pinneys of Scotland, uses Sherry-casks to flavor their salmon).It undergoes dry-curing, cold-smoking process.

The Scotish and Norwegian traditions of smoking their salmon have been in place for centuries, and each has something to offer. If you like a smokier flavor, go for the Norwegian smoked salmon. If what you want is the more buttery, subtly-flavored smoked salmon, you’ll never go wrong with the Scottish variety.

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