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Spanish Cuttlefish Ink - Jar

from Spain by Markys
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Spanish Cuttlefish Ink - Jar

Similar to squid, the cuttlefish releases an dark black ink that's used to add a dramatic jet color to dishes - especially rice and pasta. In Spain and Italy, you'll find many inky black dishes marked as Nero or Seppia. Cuttlefish ink adds a briny and distinctly salty flavor, but it's mild and won't overpower the dish. Dilute and add to a risotto, or tint fresh pasta for an incredible color. Store at room temperature but refrigerate after opening. Imported from Spain.
Ingredients: Cuttlefish ink, water, salt, stabilizer (sodium carboxymethyl cellulose)
Storage: room temperature
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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Questions and Answers

Q:The label on the jar says "Squid Ink", but the item description says "Cuttlefish Ink". Which is it? Thanks! FML
A:This is cuttlefish ink, not squid.
Q:In regard to your squid/cuttlefish ink, once I open the jar, can I freeze any remaining product? If so, for how long? Thank you
A:Yes, the ink can be frozen to prolong the shelf life. Frozen it should last for up to 1 year.
Q:I'm looking at your Spanish Cuttlefish Ink. Once it is opened it needs to be refrigerated-got it. How long will it keep once opened/what is the shelf life while in the refrigerator? Cheers, Mike
A:Once opened the jar needs be used within 3-4 weeks.
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