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Smoked Salmon And Seafood Resources

Gourmet Food Store’s ultimate and definitive guide to smoked salmon and seafood! Everything you needed and wanted to know about the different types of smoked salmon, the difference between curing and smoking, Norwegian and Scottish, nutrition, calories, and how to serve and pair it. Plus, loads of seafood cooking information, like how to clean and cook mussels and oysters, how to cook lobster tails and crab legs, what are the best tasting fish, and so much more information on the bounty of the seas.
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How To Cook Salmon | How To Bake Salmon   Gourmet Food Store
We explore the many different and delicious ways to cook salmon, review the pros and cons of each, and teach you the secrets of cooking salmon.
How To Grill Salmon
Ever shy away of grilling salmon, for fear of not getting it right? Well, no more! You’ll be grilling salmon like a pro with our expert tips and tricks.
How to Clean and Cook Mussels
We get our hands dirty to teach you how to clean mussels expertly. Learn how to properly clean this tasty shellfish and the best way to cook mussels.
How to Cook Crab Legs
Tips and tricks to help you enjoy delicious crab legs! Follow our instructions and you’ll be cracking into these meaty beauties in no time.
How to Cook Lobster Tails
If you’ve never cooked your own lobster tails at home, you’re missing out. Our no-fail cooking methods and techniques for lobster tails make it a walk in the park.
Oyster Nutrition
Time to study all the benefits of this tiny shellfish powerhouse. Oysters are filled with nutritional benefits, so read up on why you should be eating them.
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How to Cook and Eat Oysters
First step: learn to cook oysters with our handy guide. Second step: Crack and slurp your way through them! We delve into the best oyster cleaning techniques.
How to Shuck Oysters
Don’t be intimidated by the hard shell, inside lies a soft, delicious treat that’s worth a little effort to get into. With the right supplies, you too can shuck your own oysters.
Types Of Salmon
From Norwegian to Scottish, discover the different species of salmon that swim the world’s rivers and oceans, and what makes them special.
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Storing & Serving Smoked Salmon
You bought yourself some nice smoked salmon, now what? We walk you through the best way to store smoked salmon and give you ideas on how to serve it.
Norwegian vs. Scottish Smoked Salmon
Color, texture, and flavor nuances mark the difference between the two most popular varieties of smoked salmon. We walk you through the main differences.
History Of Smoked Salmon
Man has been smoking fish (and meat) for thousands of years to preserve it for longer periods of time. Learn the history of smoked salmon!
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