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Smoked Salmon And Seafood Resources

Gourmet Food Store’s ultimate and definitive guide to smoked salmon and seafood! Everything you needed and wanted to know about the different types of smoked salmon, the difference between curing and smoking, Norwegian and Scottish, nutrition, calories, and how to serve and pair it. Plus, loads of seafood cooking information, like how to clean and cook mussels and oysters, how to cook lobster tails and crab legs, what are the best tasting fish, and so much more information on the bounty of the seas.
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Learn all about the different types of salmon that are used for smoking, and what makes them deliciously different.

Salmon Species

Atlantic Smoked Salmon

Atlantic smok...
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Its name basically says it all. Smoking is a process of preserving meat that has been in place for centuries. It is said that people from ancient times first discovered the benefits ...
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The great thing about mussels (apart from the fact they’re delicious and relatively inexpensive) is that they’re easy to cook. They&rsq...
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According to French poet, Leon-Paul Fargue, eating oysters is “like kissing the sea on the li...
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Wondering how to cook crab legs? Then you’ve come to the right place. With their striking appearance and exquisite flavor, crab ...
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The idea of cooking lobster tails can be daunting for the uninitiated. Don’t you have to be an accomplished chef to tackle this fancy, gourmet delicacy plundered from the bottom of the sea? Than...
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Whether raw, steamed, grilled or fried, oysters are a delectable treat any time of day, and have th...
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There's really no one way to eat smoked salmon, but it can take any meal from bland to fab in almost no time. Since it is already 'cooked', you can eat the succulent slices straight off the package...
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Norwegian Smoked Salmon

This type of smoked salmon is one of the most popular varieties in the market today. It can be farmed or wild (see below for the difference between wild smoked salm...
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There are a ton of good reasons to add oysters to your diet. Firstly, they’re one of the most delicious foods on the planet, and can be enjoyed raw from the shell, grilled, steamed, or fried, an...
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Wondering how to smoke salmon? Gourmet Food Store has you covered! 

Cold-Smoked Salmon

Cold smoking is a lengthy process of curing salmon also known as dry or wet curing. It ty...
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Health and your Heart: the Benefits of Smoked Salmon

There is no magic health pill, but if there was, it would certainly list salmon as an ingredient. Studies have est...
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Let’s skip the formalities. You already know that fish is good for you, that it’s packed with proteins, minerals, vitamins and amino-3 fatty acids, that scientific research suggests it ...
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What's the Difference Between Lox and Smoked Salmon?

Lox is a word that gets thrown around (and into a bagel) a lot these days, but most people would be surprised to find out that althou...
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Wild Smoked Salmon

The ultimate in smoked salmon luxury, most connoisseurs will tell you that this the only kind of salmon they will eat. This is [Continue Reading...]