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Sheep Milk Cheese with Tempranillo Raisins

Sheep Milk Cheese and Tempranillo Raisins Jar

from Spain by La Antigua
3.5 oz jar chilled $16.31 $16.31
12 x 3.5 oz jars chilled $14.67 $176.04

Sheep Milk Cheese and Tempranillo Raisins Jar

Caprichos de la Pastora, roughly translated into, “the indulgence of the shepherdess”, is what La Antigua has chosen to name this creative presentation of small chunks of cheese in a glass jar. It references that long-awaited snack of hunks of cheese after a long day herding the sheep, the perfect little treat and rewards for hard work.

This cheese is a treat indeed, a Manchego-like cured cheese with an oily, buttery texture, cured for four to six months to fully develop the flavors, and the addition of sweet Tempranillo raisins gives the perfect counterpoint of flavor and texture. The result is a sweet, unique snack that’s full of fruity flavor, and the perfect match of course to a glass of Spanish wine!

This cheese is shelf stable and packaged in a cute little jar, already cubed into the perfect little morsels. It’s a great item to add to a Spanish gift basket or hamper for Spain-loving foodie. Pair it with slices of Iberico ham and sweet preserves.

Ingredients: Sheep milk, natural rennet, lysozyme, lactic ferments, salt, raisin D.O. Malaga.
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