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El Antiguo de Castilla - Mixed Milk Cheese

El Antiguo de Castilla - Mixed Milk Cheese

from Spain by La Antigua
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El Antiguo de Castilla - Mixed Milk Cheese

The product of centuries of Spanish cheesemaking tradition, our El Antiguo de Castilla cheese offers a delightful fusion of unparalleled taste and texture. Aged for five months, this cheese is created from equal parts of cow and sheep's milk to create its uniquely delicious flavor. The combination of milk along with the aging process produces a robust cheese with flavor notes of nuts and dried fruits and a salty-sweet finish. Add El Antiguo de Castilla to your next charcuterie board, include it into cheese trays, or pair it with a bottle of dry red for a delightful harmony of flavor.

After 20 years of producing artisan Spanish cheeses, Quesería La Antigua located in Zamora, Spain has refined the job of cheesemaking into an art form. Starting with the best locally sourced sheep and cows milk, they create a cheese with unparalleled flavor in textures ranging from firm and sliceable to creamy and smooth. The fruit of hundreds of years of pastoral tradition in Zamora and Salamanca, Quesería La Antigua has shown itself to be one of the best most innovative cheesemakers in Spain. Try any or all of their products and taste the difference of great quality authentic Spanish cheese!

Ingredients: Sheep and cow's raw milk, rennet, lysozyme (from egg), lactic ferments, salt. Inedible rind. Preservatives: E-235, E-202.
Storage: Keep refrigerated.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
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