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Gourmet Food StoreTruffles And MushroomsTruffle CheeseSheep Milk Cheese with White Truffles - Aged 6 Months
Sheep Milk Cheese with White Truffles - Aged 6 Months

Sheep Milk Cheese with White Truffles - Aged 6 Months

from Spain by La Antigua
8 oz cut portion chilled $29.31 $14.66
1 lb cut portion chilled $29.31 $29.31
6.6 lbs wheel chilled $29.31 $193.45
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Sheep Milk Cheese with White Truffles - Aged 6 Months

This creamy sheep milk cheese with white truffles is made using raw sheep’s milk and white truffles from Italian Piamonte, ifamed for the quality of the truffles of the region. The truffle provides unique character and exclusive elegance to this cheese with a soft and balanced taste. Boasting a truffle and mushroom aroma, this cheese is soft and balanced with a bold, rich taste of sheep’s milk cut with earthy truffle.

The white truffle is considered a treasure in the culinary world and particular care is taken by La Antigua’s team when adding it to their cheese. Chunks of Italian white truffle are steeped in fresh sheep’s milk that is full of natural flavor. The cheese is then aged for up to 6 months in the best atmospheric conditions where it enhances all the aromas as the cheese loses the initial moisture at preparation.

Keep presentation simple with this decadent cheese so that the white truffle flavor can be the main focus - simply serve it with some fresh, plain baguette or crackers. You can add it to any cheeseboard for a flair of sophistication and keep the elegance flowing and indulge in a glass of cava or champagne while enjoying this cheese.

Our sheep milk cheese with white truffles is one of the many fine sheep’s milk cheeses produced by La Antigua. Their cheese makers use milk from sheep that forage the local, Spanish countryside where they munch on wild herbs and grass near the small town of Fuentesaúco. The company was founded in 1994 by a two men who wanted to unite their passion for sheep’s milk.

Ingredients: Sheep's milk, natural rennet, E-252, lysozyme (egg derived), lactic ferments, salt, white truffles.
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