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Sheep Milk Cheese Aged in Tempranillo Wine

Sheep Milk Cheese Aged in Tempranillo Wine Grapes

from Spain by La Antigua
8 oz cut portion chilled $23.77 $11.88
1 lb cut portion chilled $23.77 $23.77
6.6 lbs wheel chilled $23.77 $156.88
2 x 6.6 lbs wheels chilled $21.40 $282.48

Sheep Milk Cheese Aged in Tempranillo Wine Grapes

This tangy sheep’s milk cheese aged in Tempranillo is one of the most innovative cheeses you are likely to encounter. Matured with Tempranillo grape skins coating its rind, La Antigua makes it using raw sheep’s milk, which they then age for 12 months. You are hit with a sweet aroma the second it comes out of the packaging and you experience sweet wine notes throughout the cheese, with the slightest tanginess.

Due to its unique rind, production of this exquisite cheese is limited to grape harvesting season, which makes it very famous and profoundly appreciated by cheese lovers.Tempranillo is commonly paired with sheep’s milk cheeses and their flavors complement each other so well. Seeing as La Antigua has created this perfect pairing in one delicious bite. Serve it as part of a cheese board or with an arrangement of tapas dishes like gently fried chorizo or meatballs in a tomato sauce, polished off with a generous glass of Spanish wine.

This elegant sheep milk cheese aged in Tempranillo is full of complex flavors thanks to the cheese makers at La Antigua using milk from sheep that forage the local, Spanish countryside where they munch on wild herbs and grass near the small town of Fuentesaúco. The company was founded in 1994 by a two men who wanted to unite their passion for sheep’s milk.

Ingredients: Raw sheep milk, E-252, lysozyme (egg derived), culture, natural rennet, salt, Tempranillo grape (husk). Rind coated with lard and brandy during its ripening and refinement.
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2210004 2 x 6.6 lbs wheels 12.20 lbs. - 14.20 lbs. $21.40


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