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French vs Italian Truffles

by Albertina Roca   |   January 16, 2015   |  

French Truffles

French truffles include Perigord Winter Black Truffle, plus the Summer Black Truffles harvested in France, like the Truffe de la St. Jean. Fresh truffles from France are exquisite, and of very high quality, but consumers tend to believe they are superior to truffles from Italy, when in reality both types are equally desirable, although price and availability may differ due to seasonal difference in the harvests of each country.

Italian Truffles

One of the best known of all truffles, the aromatic Winter White truffle or Alba Truffle (Tarfutti Bianco) is found in many different parts of Italy (not just the region of Alba, contrary to popular belief). There is really no one Italian truffle, as Italy produces many different varieties of truffles, including black and white, winter and summer. Truffles from Italy or France are of equal quality, although price and availability may vary due to seasonal conditions, or quantity of truffles harvested. You’ll get the highest quality truffle, no matter if it comes from Italy or France.

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