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What is Truffle Butter?

by Albertina Roca   |   April 22, 2019   |  

A super versatile product that combines creamy butter with fragrant truffles, truffle butter is the perfect ingredient to add to just about anything. From mashed potatoes to a simple piece of toast, many dishes can be elevated by adding truffle butter, but first, many people ask, what exactly is truffle butter? Let’s find out!

truffle butter

Most likely if you've come this far, you know - and love - fresh truffles. But if you don't, here's quick refresher: truffles are a fungus or type of mushroom that grow under the soil, typically at the root of certain kinds of trees, like oaks. They're beloved for an intense, heady flavor and aroma that can transform a dish into something sublime. They're usually shaved thinly onto a dish, and there are different varieties: white and black, and winter and summer. They grow in places Italy and France, but also are found in Spain, Australia, and even Oregon. Truffle butter is simply butter that’s mixed with truffle oil, truffle pieces, or both. Many times truffle butter also includes chopped mushrooms, truffle aroma, olive oil, and salt, but that will depend on the particular recipe. The aim is to create a creamy butter that’s infused with the flavor of truffle – white or black – and also that luxurious aroma that truffle lovers know and love. The chunks or small shavings of truffle also adds a great aesthetic to the ingredient, for more visual impact.

Most of the time, you’ll find truffle butter is made with summer truffles, and that’s simply because winter truffles are much too prized and precious to use in truffle products like butter, oils or vinegars. Thanks to the concentration, and sometimes the use of truffle aroma, the butter has a rich intensity, which lends itself to many uses.

truffle pasta

Available in both white and black varieties, you can use truffle butter for most savory dishes, replacing for regular butter, just keep in mind that truffles have a very particular heady flavor and aroma that might be best suited for more savory dishes. From simple dishes like scrambled eggs or pasta to complex preparations like roasted chicken and vegetables, all recipes can benefit from a pat (or a stick!) of truffle butter! If you need an elegant appetizer in a hurry, just grill some sliced toast, top with truffle butter and a sprinkle of coarse salt, and voila, instant starter!

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The rule of thumb is that if it goes well with truffles, it will most likely go well with truffle butter: eggs, potatoes, rice and pasta are all great vehicles for truffle butter. But let your culinary imagination fly and experiment with new recipes! Perhaps popcorn smothered in truffle butter for upscale movie night, or truffled grilled cheese for quick and satisfying lunch that earns major gourmet points?

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