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Buying Truffles

Albertina Roca
  |   January 16, 2015   |  

Unless you jump on the next plane to Italy or France, and buy a highly-trained dog (and if you can, do it now!), chances are you have limited options when buying truffles. These earthy delights are incredibly expensive, and the supply is limited and seasonal. Since they are hard to find, and subjective to seasonal and climatic conditions, the demand for truffles – especially fresh truffles – is always bigger than the supply. Also, don’t plan a dinner party based on winter black truffles in July, and always keep in mind prices will vary according to availability.

The most important factor to take into consideration when purchasing truffles is that fresh truffles need to be sent to you via overnight courier, and should be used immediately. The problem is that if you find a good truffle at a store, and at a good price, you can’t order it and save for later. Your best bet? Order online, and ask for the delivery date to be the same (or a day before to be safe) day you are planning to utilize them.

You’ve learned about truffles, what they are, their history, and how to use clean, storage them and preserve them. All you need to do now is taste them! So what are you waiting for? Go buy your own succulent truffles, after all this studying, you deserve it!

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Albertina Roca

Copywriter & Certified Cheese Addict

Meet Albertina, a seasoned food writing wordsmith and marketing creative split between the sizzling vibes of Miami and the charming streets of Buenos Aires. With a solid 20 years in the traditional and digital advertising world for the gourmet food industry, she’s mastered the art of making words as mouthwatering as the dishes they describe. She’s proudly been part of the Gourmet Food Store family (and its brands) since its very beginnings, and what a fun, flavor-packed journey it has been!


Albertina's journey in copywriting is marked by a passion for creativity and a knack for connecting with audiences. Her expertise spans SEO-driven content that boosts visibility, engaging social media strategies that spark conversations, persuasive advertising campaigns that captivate, and heartfelt storytelling that resonates deeply.


With a diverse portfolio spanning numerous articles, blogs, and captivating content pieces, Albertina has left her mark on the industry. From informative guides to persuasive sales copy, her work not only informs but also inspires action.

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Her journey began at Rutgers College, where she studied in History and Political Science, with a minor in English Lit. She honed her craft at The Miami Ad School in South Beach, where creativity and copy collided under the South Florida Sun. From the neon streets of South Beach to the tango beats of Buenos Aires, her pen dances with the rhythm of whatever gastronomic tales she gets to write at the time.

Currently savoring life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she’s bilingual in English and Spanish, an avid reader, and cheese addict.

Her writing? Seasoned with creativity, spiced with experience, and garnished with a dash of wit.

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