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Condiments and Spices

A treasure trove of exotic seasonings, spices and condiments awaits! Stock up your pantry with our melange of gourmet spices, like aromatic Spanish saffron, colorful peppercorns, and the most fragrant herbs the French countryside can provide. Rare seasonings will enhance and bring flavor and color to your dishes.
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Black Olives - Nicoises
from France
These beautiful black olives from France are as tasty as they are versatile
Caper Berries in Vinegar, Kosher Parve
from Spain by Del Destino
These grape-sized pickled caperberries are perfect to add flavor to martinis, foie gras, cheeses and even sauces.
Caraway Seeds
from United States by Badia
Used predominantly in baking, caraway seeds add great warm, and slightly bitter and sharp flavor to breads and crackers especially.
Cerignola Green Olives
from Italy by Bel Aria
Cinnamon Sticks
from United States by Liborio
Aromatic, warm and heady, these whole cinnamon sticks are an essential spice for any cook and baker.
Cornichons - French Style Gherkins
from France by Maille
These tart and zesty little mini pickles are the perfect partner for cheeses, foie gras, and essential for steak tartar.
Cornichons - Whole Gherkins in Vinegar
from India by Eiffel Tower
These adorably tiny and deliciously tart and juicy little pickles are absolutely essential for charcuterie platters and steak tartare.
Cumin Seed
from United States by Badia
Whole cumin seeds are perfect when toasted or fried to really bring out that wonderful earthy and spicy flavor.
Espelette Pepper Powder
from France by Accoberrry
The legendary French Espelette pepper from the Basque region add sophisticated piquancy to a dish.
Fancy Fennel Pollen
from Italy by Antica Drogheria Francioni
A floral, fragrant ingredient from fennel flowers in Tuscany.
Fine Sea Salt from Noirmoutier
from France by Noirmoutiers
A prized culinary ingredient, harvested in the beaches of Brittany.
Fine Sea Salt with Espelette Pepper
from France by Accoceberry
A flavorful chili pepper from Espelette, France, used for the traditional Piperade.
Fleur de Sel Sea Salt from Guerande
from France by Le Guerandais
A natural, gourmet Fleur de Sel sea salt harvested in the Medieval village of Guerande.
Fleur de Sel Sea Salt from Guerande in a Linen Bag
from France by Le Guerandais
The perfect gourmet gift, a lovely linen bag full of rare Fleur de Sel.
French Dijon Mustard
from France by Delouis Fils
Never overpowering, this intense yet smooth sauce delivers a kick to the taste buds, while still retaining a clean and sharp flavor.
French Dried Peppercorns - Black
from France by GourmetFoodStore.com
A green peppercorn is dried in the sun until it turns black, it delivers a much spicier kick, with the strongest flavor of all, hot yet sweet.
French Dried Peppercorns - Mixed
from France by GourmetFoodStore.com
A little bit of everything, so you can add some spice to your kitchen
French Dried Peppercorns - White
from France by GourmetFoodStore.com
Very smooth with a mild flavor, less spicy than other varieties. Especially brilliant when used for seasoning white sauces.
Pitted Black Olives - Olives Noires
from France by La Colombe
Sweet and meaty pitted black olives are perfect for tapenades, salads or tossed into pasta sauces.
Pitted Green Olives - Olives Vertes
from France by La Colombe
Fruity and fresh pitted French green olives from Provence, ready to adorn your martinis and give flavor to salads, pizzas and appetizers.
French Whole Grain Old Fashioned Mustard
from France by Delouis Fils
The way mustard used to be prepared, thick and intense
Garam Masala Powder
from India by Laxmi Brand
A traditional spice blend from India, essential for curries and Indian dishes.
Green Olives - Picholine Du Gard
from France
Arguably one of the most famous and flavorful of French green olives…well let you be the judge of these Picholines
Grey Sea Salt from Guerande - Coarse
from France by Le Guerandais
A coveted ingredient, this coarse natural salt harvested from the coast of Guerande, in Brittany has a rich flavor.
Ground Coriander
from United States by Badia
This indispensable spice adds a citrusy and earthy touch to any dish, infusing subtle yet unmistakable flavor and aroma.
Ground Cumin
from United States by Badia
With it's spicy, peppery flavor, this fragrant spice is used predominantly in Mexican, Indian and North African cuisines.
Harissa - Mild
from United States by Mina
Lots of red pepper flavor and spices, without tons of heat.
Harissa - Spicy
from United States by Mina
The traditional Moroccan red pepper sauce, with lots of kick.
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