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Saffron Mancha Category I

from Spain by
Item description Temp PRICE PER UNIT Price Qty Sku
0.03 oz room temp $5.20 $5.20
1.0 oz room temp $119.34 $119.34
40 x 1.0 oz room temp $107.41 $4296.40

Saffron Mancha Category I

The worlds most expensive spice, saffron is the stigma from a small purple plant which only produces three stigmas, which are hand-picked and dried carefully. Chefs are wild for this flavorful and colorful spice, heady and supremely aromatic. Use this fiery-yellow beauty for authentic Bouillabaisse, an exquisite Paella, or a sublime risotto. It will add potent flavors and intense color to dishes. Saffron is placed into four categories according to color, flavor, and aroma, with strict international standards. This superb saffron is the most superior grade, Category I. Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.
Ingredients: Saffron.
Storage: room temperature
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Spices: Saffron
Origin: Spain

Product Reviews

Top quality authentic! Beautifully packaged!
Susan from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Good quality saffron for a good price.
Milla from Vallejo, CA
Lori from Caliente, CA
Vedey deep red color with no yellowed substandard stems. I haven't used it yet in my upcoming paella but have no doubt it is the finest Saffron money can buy. Actually got more than I thought I would get too! Bravo!
Michael from Clarksville, IN
subtle, very beautiful
Holger from Santa Ynez, CA

Questions and Answers

Q:Is the photo of the0.03 or 1.0 ounce?
A:The container in the picture is the 0.03 oz one.
Q:If I purchase multiple quantity of 0.03 oz saffron could it be placed in one container, or will it be separate? Also, how long will items ordered today get to Maryland? Thank you.
A:The product comes pre-packaged by the manufacturer and we cannot open it, so you will receive individual containers. Via FedEx Ground it should take around 3 business days for delivery.
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