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Wagyu Beef

Renowned for its exceptional marbling, buttery texture, and rich taste, Wagyu is considered by many to be the best beef in the world. These cattle’s superior genetics, coupled with meticulous traditional Japanese farming practices, combine to create truly exceptional meat. Celebrated globally for excellence, Wagyu is a symbol of culinary luxury that has earned it a spot as a delicacy to be coveted by food enthusiasts and professional chefs alike.
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113 - 113 of 113 products
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Wagyu NY Strip Steak
Wagyu NY Strip Steak
from United States by Akaushi

The perfect steak, this Wagyu New York strip marries ultimate flavor with exceptional tenderness.

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113 - 113 of 113 products
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What is Wagyu Beef

Originating in Japan, where Wagyu translates to “Japanese cow”. This breed of cattle is celebrated for its proclivity towards intense marbling. This network of fat translates to beef with exceptionally rich and savory flavor and a texture that’s often compared to butter.

Not only are these Japanese cows bred to produce an extreme degree of marbling, but the veins themselves are substantially lower in saturated fats than those found in other varieties of beef. They also have a higher ratio of monounsaturated fats like oleic acid. These are the “good fats” associated with improved cholesterol and lower risk of heart disease. In short, eating this exceptional meat is delicious AND offers health benefits!

About Wagyu Beef

Raising Wagyu cattle has been perfected and refined into an art form. A highly regulated process, everything from their specialized diets to their daily care (which can include massages to enhance the quality of the meat) is performed within strict parameters. This exceptional effort and attention to detail during the cow's life results in beef so superior it stands in a category all its own. It’s not beef -it’s Wagyu.

Ordering from Gourmet Food Store

Once relegated to the tables of Michelin-starred restaurants, Wagyu was a delicacy that could be hard to come by. Today, thanks to online retailers like Gourmet Food Store, you can enjoy this luxe ingredient whenever you want!

Sourced from the top producers on the market, you’ll find exceptional portions from Australia, the U.S., and, of course, Japan. We carry a full selection of primal and subprimals, including choice cuts like tenderloin, fillet mignon, and rib-eye steaks. Plus, more inexpensive cuts like flat iron, flank, and skirt steaks. If you’re looking for everyday Wagyu, we also have succulent burgers, hot dogs, and grinds to make grilling an incredible experience. Shop on our website and enjoy wholesale price points, regular sales, and quick and reliable delivery to your front door or place of business.


Like every aspect of producing Wagyu, the grading system is rigorous and exacting. Based on four brackets of excellence, each cut is assessed by its beef marbling, color, firmness, and texture and graded by independent assessors who expertly score each category to international standards. Each valuable prime cut is then specially sorted using the AAco Wagyu Grading System. At Gourmet Food Store, we use the Australian grade range, which spans from 3 to 12 with an average of 6 and only an elite 5% of cattle graded higher than 9.

Wagyu Beef Questions And Answers

Q:How is Wagyu Beef Raised?
A:Raised using time-tested Japanese animal husbandry methods, everything from the specialized diet to daily massages combine to create this luxury beef. Buy Wagyu beef here at Gourmet Food Store.
Q:What Makes Wagyu Special?
A:This exceptionally marbled beef is loved for its buttery texture and savory taste. These characteristics come from specific farming practices, careful breeding, and naturally remarkable genetics.
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