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Spring Cheese Platter

The warmer weather calls for an overhaul of your wardrobe and your cheese picks. Off with the heavy, pungent cheeses of winter, in with the light cheeses of spring, paired with sweet preserves, nuts, fruit, and of course, a bottle of your favorite wine.
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Apricots with Almonds
from Spain by De Juan
Sweet dried apricots with a plump almond in the center. Perfect for a healthy, nutritious snack, or to add to a cheese plate.
Caprifeuille Saint Maure
from France by Sevre & Belle
A wonderful triple cream aged goat cheese with a fabulous creamy texture.
Epoisses Berthaut
from France by BERTHAUT
An intense cow milk cheese, creamy and rubbed with Marc de Bourgogne.
Fig Jam
from Spain by Mathambre
All-natural, artisan fig jam; a sweet and luscious topping for canapes, cheese, crackers and fruits
Fig with Almonds
from Spain by De Juan
Sweet figs with almond centers are the perfect healthy snack and delicious when paired with cheese boards.
Fresh Mozzarella - Fior Di Latte
from United States by Mamma’s Cheese
With a name meaning "milk's flower," this cow's milk mozzarella has a spongy texture and fresh, creamy taste
Fresh Mozzarella - Nodini
from United States by Mamma’s Cheese
Knot-shaped, rindless mozzarella with spongy, semi-soft texture and mild flavor, delivered fresh to your door
Fresh Mozzarella Ovolini
from United States by Mamma’s Cheese
Mild, soft mozzarella with an oval shape and porcelain-like smoothness, made fresh to order
Mozzarella Treccione
from United States by Mamma’s Cheese
Mild and soft-textured mozzarella hand-spun into an elegant braid shape, great by itself or with accompaniments
Fresh Stracciatella
from United States by Mamma’s Cheese
Made in Miami the Italian way, this cow's milk cheese is lusciously creamy and soft with salty notes.
Gorgonzola Dolce (DOP)
from Italy by Piedmont
A creamier version of the supermarket aisle variety, this is milder and sweeter than other blue cheeses, perfect for the more sensitive palate.
Salame di Parma, Pre-Sliced
from Italy by Ferrarini
A delicate and sweet Italian salami from Parma, made following ancient recipes and traditional techniques.
Jamon Iberico Ham - Deli Sliced
from Spain by Fermin
This buttery, melt in your mouth ham will redefine what you thought of gourmet ham.
Jamon Iberico Ham - Pre-Sliced
from Spain by Fermin
An intensely flavored yet utterly smooth and rich Spanish ham.
Tealdi Italian Linden Honey | Gourmet Food Store
from Italy by Tealdi
An aromatic pale yellow-amber honey that's full of aroma with an intense fresh flavor.
Mozzarella Di Bufala In Water
from Italy by Villa Antica
Imported from Italy and just wonderfully soft and smooth, moist and mild.
Livarot Grain D''orge
from France by Graindorge
One of France's oldest cheeses, Livarot is a rich and complex cheese from Normandy, pungent and bold, creamy and smooth.
from France by Picandine
A camembert-style goat cheese from France.
Pineapple Jam
from Portugal by Prisca Seduction
A natural jam of juicy and tropical pineapples from Portugal, perfect as a glaze or marinade for meats.
Prosciutto Di Parma - Trimmed Boneless Ham
from Italy by Vill Antica
A classic, sweet-and-salty Italian ham with a deep rose color and buttery texture.
Fiscalini Purple Moon - Wine Soaked Cheddar
from United States by Fiscalini
A delightful purple-rinded cheddar that's been soaked in a Californian Cabernet for a unique, fruity finish
Red Fruit Jam
from Portugal by Prisca Seduction
A simple and absolutely delicious 100% natural jam made of sweet Portuguese blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.
Saucisson Sec Sausage
from United States by Terroirs d'Antan
A classic French-style sausage of flavorful pork meat blended with salt, sugar, garlic and pepper, dry-cured for a rich and hearty taste.
Spanish Cocktail Nut Mix Royale
from Spain by Indeal
Gluten-free roasted nuts, including almonds, macadamia nuts, cashews and peanuts. A great source of fiber and protein!
Cappicola, Black Pepper Coated - Sweet
from United States by Licini
A cured pork whole-muscle salame similar to proscuitto, beautifully marbled and coated in black pepper
The Savannah Bee Company Honeycomb Box
from United States by The Savannah Bee Company
Golden honeycomb with Georgia flower nectar.
Spanish Cheese Board
by GourmetFoodStore.com
Turn your next get-together into a delightful fiesta with our Spanish Cheese Board, including 3 authentic Spanish cheeses, sliced chorizo, membrillo and Marcona almonds
Blackberry Jam
from Portugal by Prisca Seduction
A 100% natural jam of lush ripe blackberries from Portugal, made simply from blackberries and sugar.
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