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Fresh Stracciatella

from United States by Mamma’s Cheese
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Fresh Stracciatella

Handmade in Miami, Florida and delivered fresh-as-can-be to your door, our Fresh Stracciatella is the stuff dreams are made of. With a name meaning "little rags", this soft-textured cheese is made from cow's milk cheese churned into curds. Following Italian style methods, the curds are stretched and shredded into ivory-hued strands that are soaked in heavy cream, providing a soft, milky and delicious cheese with hints of saltiness. Most famously, stracciatella is used as a luscious filling for burrata, but it can also be enjoyed by itself, alongside juicy tomatoes and veggies, on top of salads, or spread onto bread and topped with a sweet jam or spread. In this way, what was once a simple peasant dish has now become a beloved gourmet cheese in its own right.

This cheese is made by Mamma's Cheese in Miami, Florida. Because we want it to be as fresh as possible, it is made-to-order and therefore has a 2-to-3-day lead time. Please note that since stracciatella does not keep well for long even in the refrigerator, we recommend consuming it within a few days after delivery.

Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow’s milk, Heavy cream, Vinegar, Enzymes, Salt.
Storage: Store in the refrigerator and consume within a few days.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Name: Stracciatella
Milk Type: Cow
Texture: Soft
Origin: American

Product Reviews

Elena from Falls Church VA, VA
Shipped super fresh and delicious, extremely satisfied with this product. Will definitely buy again!
Elena from Los Alamos, NM
It’s so goooood
Tetiana from New York, NY
I gave a few containers away to friends and was received with RAVE reviews. You have some new customers!
stacy from atlanta, GA
Extremely fresh.
Jason from Norfolk, NY

Questions and Answers

Q:Actually, I've two questions: 1. Does this product have a kosher certification? 2. How closely does it resemble Italian stracchino?
A:This product is not Kosher Certified. Stracciatella is a mixture of cream, mozzarella and salt. It is also very versatile in cooking, meant for spreading or even topping of soups or vegetable dishes. Stracchino, also a soft creamy cheese, usually comes in a block without a rind and offering a mild delicate flavor. The taste is a bit sour though, being between cheese and yogurt.
Q:What is the expiration date once it’s delivered?
A:This cheese should be used within 2 weeks.
Q:I am making 20 chicken cutlets and want to add a nice helping of cheese to the top of each one--how many should I get?
A:We recommend purchasing five, 1 lb Fresh Stracciatella portions. This would give you just about 4 oz per serving.
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