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Organic Guindillas de Ibarra Peppers in Wine Vinegar

from Spain by Agina
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Organic Guindillas de Ibarra Peppers in Wine Vinegar

Sometimes a food is deemed so special, so treasured, that its production is closely supervised to ensure that its distinguished name is preserved. Such is the case of Spanish Guindillas de Ibarra, also Ibarroko Piperrak. This hot and tender pepper is cultivated in the Basque Country, prized for its particular flavor. They’re only grown in Guipuzcoano, where it is laboriously hand-harvested, then carefully hand selected and rigorously packed in wine vinegar.

Guindillas are a traditional tapas dish in Spain, the beautifully picked mild pepper with a tender and meaty flesh making the perfect match to hearty cheeses and meats like chorizo. Not spicy, this is usually served in a dish called “Gilda” – a “banderilla” skewer of guindillas, salty anchovies and a single olive. Glorious!

Our Guindillas are certified organic, not only made from organically grown and processed peppers, but also pickled in organic vinegar.

Ingredients: Peppers (organic culture), water, vinegar (organic culture), citric acid, salt, acorbic acid.
Storage: Store in cool place, refrigerate after opening
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Pantry Categories: Canned/Jarred Vegetables
Origin: Spain

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