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Greek Tzatziki Spread

Greek Tzatziki Spread

from Greece by Esti
10 oz tub chilled $7.31 $7.31
8 x 10 oz tub chilled $6.95 $55.60

Greek Tzatziki Spread

This beloved, incredibly hard to pronounce Greek dip is a refreshing mix of plain strained yoghurt blended with cucumbers, dill, parsley and garlic, plus a mix of spices. It’s really a simple recipe, but it’s filled with astoundingly fresh, herbal flavor, all while smooth and creamy.

Besides being a great dip or spread to serve with pita as an appetizer or starter, this spread can also be used as a sauce for other main dishes, especially a classic Middle Eastern roasted lamb, but also served with grilled fish, burgers, as a dip for chicken kebabs, and of course, a classic Gyro sandwich. The characteristic tartness, that cooling cucumber flavor and the creamy yogurt all come together to make Tzatziki a great match to many dishes – especially if you want to bring down the heat or add a cooling component.

Esti makes their spreads using traditional and beloved recipes from Greece and the freshest, most flavorful ingredients of the Mediterranean. This Greek company with over 45 years of experience specializes in gourmet spreads made with all the flavors of the Mediterranean.

Ingredients: Strained yogurt (70%) (pasteurized cow's milk, butter, milk protein, yogurt culture), fresh cucumber (18%), vegetable fats (fully hydrogenated palm kernel oil, soy lecithin), sunflower oil, cow's milk powder, modified starch, xanthan gum, guar gum, salt, garlic, anise, parsley.
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Product Questions And Answers

Q: 1. How long can you save Tzatziki spread? 2. what else can you eat this with besides gyro?

The Tzaziki Spread needs to be used within 3 days after opening. Without opening it the shelf life will be indicated on the tub.

Tzaziki can be used as sauces for meats and fish, as burger and sandwich sauce, in salads (as dressing), as dip (for breads, chips, etc.) or added in mashed potatoes.


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