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Pheasant, Whole with Giblets

Whole Pheasant with Giblets

from United States by MacFarlane
1 piece - 3 lbs frozen $14.70 $44.10 2033201
9 pieces - 3 lbs each frozen $14.12 $381.24 2033202

Whole Pheasant with Giblets

Pheasants have long been a favorite of royals in Europe and Asia, and this whole, all-natural pheasant from Wisconsin is a juicy, succulent way to elevate your roast dinners and special occasions. Raised without antiobiotics and fed a vegetarian diet free from growth hormones, this meaty and mild-flavored pheasant offers a natural, lean alternative to other poultry products. It also includes the giblets, which can be incorporated into gravy, stuffing or stock, or even fried up for a meaty little snack.

Pheasant can be prepared the same way as chicken, but be aware it can dry out easily if overcooked. On the other hand, it should not be eaten rare - a tricky balancing act! You may want to brine the bird for several hours before cooking to help it retain its moisture. Alternatively, roast it with bacon on top. The bacon's fat will seep into the bird during cooking, keeping it moist and juicy, and adding extra flavor and saltiness. Yum!

This product is presented by MacFarlane Pheasants, one of America's largest pheasant producers. They raise their own flocks of pheasants, producing more than a million chicks per year, including Chinese Ringneck Pheasants, Manchurian Ringneck Cross Pheasants and Chukar Partridges, exporting to Europe and the Middle East as well as distributing throughout the US.

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Product Questions And Answers

Q: How many pounds of pheasant should i buy for 10 people?
A: One pheasant of around 3 lbs will feed up to 3 people, so for 10 people we would recommend 4 whole birds (12 lbs).

Q: How long does the frozen meat take to get here?
A: Perishable products are sent out via FedEx Overnight (next day delivery).

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2033201 1 piece - 3 lbs 2.50 lbs. - 4.00 lbs. $14.70
2033202 9 pieces - 3 lbs each 22.50 lbs. - 36.00 lbs. $14.12


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