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Whole Quail, Semi-Boneless

from United States by Broadleaf
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4 quails, 3-4 oz ea frozen $6.47 $5.50 $25.88 $22.00
9 x 4 quails, 3-4 oz ea frozen $5.37 $4.76 $193.50 $171.27

Whole Quail, Semi-Boneless

Once a favorite of bygone European royals, quail is now becoming more and more popular across modern day America. Professional chefs and home-cooks alike appreciate this lean, delicate bird for its rich flavor and tenderness, not to mention elegant appearance. Our Semi-Boneless Quail has been meticulously prepared with a European-style presentation: all the torso's bones have been removed so you don't need to pick them out yourself, with only the leg and wing bones remaining for extra support. 

Whole quail can prepared in much the same way as other poultry. Roast, bake, sear, smoke, grill or fry it with delicious results. Just be careful not to cook the whole quail too long, as it can dry out easily (you can add oil or a marinade, or lay a fatty meat like bacon on top to increase the moisture).

This semi boneless whole quail for sale is sourced from Plantation Quail. Established in Georgia in 1983, this company supervises all stages of production from egg to package, providing optimum conditions for all their birds, and using no artificial ingredients. On-site veterinarians provide hands-on care, while inspectors from the Georgia Department of Agriculture scrutinize the products to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

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Origin: United States

Product Reviews

These are lovely. I used them for quail and apple-pear ravioli, but imagine they would roast up well.
Rossana from Austin, TX
Perfect little birds - I smoked them using cinnamon and they were very meaty and great textured.
Scott from Nashville, TN
Very tasty and is a good value for the cost.
Great product!
Kacie from Wilsonville, OR

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Whole Quail, Semi-Boneless Recipes

Grilled Marinated Quail Recipe
Grilled Marinated Quail Recipe
Discover a new and wonderful ingredient to grill with: quail! These tiny, delicate birds are actually great for grilling, as they cook in no time at all and really go well with any sort of rub or marinade. If using bone-in quail - which is a bit more flavorful thanks to that bone, allow 1-2 minutes extra grilling.
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