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Whole Muscovy Duck Hen

from United States by Grimaud Farms
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
1 hen, 4 lbs avg frozen $20.88 $83.52
8 x 1 hen, 4 lbs avg frozen $17.00 $544.00

Whole Muscovy Duck Hen

Whether you're making Duck a L'orange, Pot-Au-Feu or Duck Confit, you'll need a high quality duck meat to really bring your recipe to life. Our Whole Muscovy Duck Hen is from one of America's first choice breeds, the Muscovy Duck, beloved by chefs for its tender, juicy and lean meat. With less fat than Moulard or Pekin breeds, it's a healthier choice than most whole ducks, while still bringing exceptional flavor and texture to the table.

This product is made by Grimaud Farms. Based in California's San Joaquin Valley, this organization dedicates itself to providing superior poultry products across the USA, by harnessing the finest breeding stock and raising their birds humanely and naturally. Their trademark Muscovy Ducks have earned wide applause from professional and amateur chefs alike, and they also provide fresh guinea hen and smoked meat products that help develop ideas in the kitchen and enhance menus and recipes with nothing less than excellence.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Poultry/Fowl: Duck
Cuts: Whole Birds

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Questions and Answers

Q:How do you suggest the duck is prepared?? Thank you.........
A:The Whole Muscovy Duck Hen can be incorporated in any type of recipe that call for duck meat, as well as in a number of classic duck dishes, such as Duck à l’Orange, Duck Leg Confit or Cured Duck Pot-au-Feu. Since the meat is on the leaner side, it is best to either cook it fast, at higher temperature or to cook it slow, for a tender texture.
Q:Will duck keep (frozen) if not used until Thanksgiving
A:The shelf life of the frozen duck is up to 6 months, kept frozen and unopened.
Q:Is it shipped frozen or fresh uncooked?
A:This product is shipped frozen uncooked or chilled uncooked under SKU 2032803.

Product Pricing Per Pound

This product is priced per pound, and your final charge will be based on the actual weight of the item when shipped. The price displayed in your shopping cart is an estimate. You will be billed according to the exact weight of the product at the price per pound once it ships. For your convenience, the chart below provides estimated weight ranges and the corresponding price per pound.

Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
2032802 1 hen, 4 lbs avg 3.50 lbs. - 4.50 lbs. $20.88
2032802 1 hen, 4 lbs avg 3.50 lbs. - 4.50 lbs. $20.88
2032804 8 x 1 hen, 4 lbs avg 28.00 lbs. - 36.00 lbs. $17.00
2032804 8 x 1 hen, 4 lbs avg 28.00 lbs. - 36.00 lbs. $17.00
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