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Food Trends For 2024

by Albertina Roca   |   January 11, 2024   |  

In the ever-evolving world of gastronomy, the year 2024 promises a delectable journey through a palette of flavors and culinary adventures. From the humble sesame seed paste to the tropical infusion of pineapples, and the nuanced heat of complex peppers, this year is set to redefine how we experience food. Join us as we unravel the main gourmet food trends for 2024 and explore the tantalizing offerings that await at our tables

Tahini Takes Center Stage

Celebrating tahini in all its glory is not just a culinary choice but a proclamation. The Middle Eastern treasure, traditionally a staple in hummus and dressings, is stepping into the limelight across diverse dishes. As the Specialty Food Association (SFA) declares 2024 the year of tahini, envision a world where this sesame-derived delight graces everything from smoothies to cookies and even coffee.

"Tahini, with its rich and nutty essence, is poised to be the darling of 2024's culinary scene," declares the SFA, setting the stage for a tahini-infused revolution. Product: Organic Tahini

Why: This high-quality tahini adds a rich and nutty essence, perfect for incorporating into various dishes beyond traditional hummus and dressing.

Tropical Infusion: Pineapples Lead the Way

Pinterest, the oracle of trend forecasting, has spoken: 2024 is the year of the Tropical Takeover. As our search data paints a sun-soaked picture, anticipate a culinary landscape adorned with pineapple mocktails, Hawaiian-inspired sheet pan meals, and the timeless allure of pineapple upside-down cake.

"The sun-soaked upgrade isn't just for your home decor; it's a culinary embrace of tropical delights that will redefine how we experience food this year," notes the Pinterest trends report. Product: Dried Pineapple

Why: Embrace the tropical trend with these irresistible dried pineapple rings, adding a sun-soaked upgrade to your culinary creations. Others to try: Pineapple Puree, Hawaiian Salt, Shredded Coconut.

Melty Goodness: Where Creativity Knows No Bounds

In the world of food, the mantra for 2024 is 'Melty Mashups.' Pinterest identifies a surge in search traffic for comfort food hybrids like pizza pot pie and cheeseburger tacos. The kitchen becomes a playground where creativity reigns supreme, encouraging enthusiasts to meld their favorite cheesy dishes in imaginative ways.

"This is the year to let your imagination guide you in the kitchen. Melty mashups bring comfort with a touch of ingenuity," suggests Pinterest, inspiring a culinary renaissance.

360° Sustainability: More Than a Clean Ingredients List

It's no longer sufficient for brands to present a clean ingredients list; consumers now demand more—a holistic commitment to sustainability. Think 100% organic ingredients, responsible suppliers, compostable packaging, and production facilities powered with renewable energy.

"In 2024, consumers seek products that reflect a 360° commitment to sustainability, going beyond what's on the label," emphasizes the SFA. Product: Wild Boar

Why: One of the only true "wild meats" out there, our Wild Boar is hunted in Texas in an effort to control rampant populations.

The Hi-Lo Dining Experience

Described by Andrew Freeman, president of AF & Co., as 'hi-lo,' 2024 embodies a desire for boldness, maximalism, and collaboration. The discerning Generation Z, emerging as both sensible and skeptical cooks, seeks high-quality ingredients with an insistence on real value for their money.

"Luxury isn't just about cost or rarity; it's about the quality of a product that enhances life—making it easier, interesting, and more fun," says Jennifer Zhou of the global food processor ADM. Product: Truffle Products

Why: Elevate your dining experience with luxurious and high-quality black truffle products, offering a perfect balance between boldness and value. Other to try: Umami Bottarga .

Buckwheat's Rise: A Culinary Revelation

Cathy Strange, Whole Foods Market ambassador of food culture, declares, "It's gonna be buckwheat's year." From foie gras terrines to hot chocolate coatings and spiced concoctions, buckwheat takes center stage. Climate- and health-minded consumers applaud its role as a cover crop rich in protein and fiber.

"Buckwheat's versatility and nutritional richness make it the star ingredient of 2024," enthuses Strange, hinting at its diverse applications. Product: Buckwheat Flour

Why: Buckwheat flour is versatile, allowing you to explore the rise of buckwheat in various culinary creations, from baking to innovative drinks. Others to try: Original Buckwheat Blini.

Concern Over Processing Methods: Real Foods

In 2024, concern over elaborate processing methods is on the rise. The term 'ultra-processed' gains momentum as consumers lean toward natural fermentation, cold-pressed oils, and a return to good, old-fashioned ingredients like butter and cream. Ingredient descriptions become more transparent and detailed, shedding light on the essence of each element.

"Transparency is key. Consumers want to know what goes into their food, and 'ultra-processed' is a phrase that resonates," states Mintel's 2024 global food and drink trends report. Product: Artisanal Butters

Why: Artisanal butters represent a return to good, old-fashioned ingredients with transparent processing methods, meeting the trend towards minimally processed foods.

Nuanced Heat: A Symphony of Flavors

Heat takes on a nuanced and multidimensional character in 2024. Beyond the brain-exploding intensity, it now pairs with sweet and sour flavors, coaxing complexity from layered peppers worldwide. It's not merely about the fiery kick; it's about the artistry of flavor creation.

"Move over ghost pepper; 2024 is about the symphony of heat, exploring the complexity and creativity it brings to the culinary canvas," asserts spice aficionado Ms. Strange. Product: Espelette Pepper

Why: A Known for its unique flavor, Espelette pepper adds a nuanced heat that's both complex and versatile, perfect for elevating various dishes. Other to try: Sweet Pepper Jam, Pear Mostarda.

Soup Revival: A Comforting Culinary Canvas

Soup, the more intriguing sibling of bone broth, takes the spotlight in 2024. Perfect for cross-cultural mash-ups like menudo tonkotsu ramen, soup becomes a low-risk experimentation ground for new flavors and ingredients. It not only minimizes food waste but also provides a soothing escape for our palates.

"Soup is poised to make a comeback, offering a canvas for cross-cultural flavors and a comforting journey for our taste buds," predicts Jenny Zegler, Director of Mintel Food and Drink. Product: Mushrooms

Why: Add a touch of earthy and umami flavors to your soups with a blend of mushrooms, creating a robust broth. Others to try: Chorizo Sausage for hearty smoky texture, Stew Meats for nutritious flavor.

2024 unveils a culinary canvas that invites us to indulge in bold flavors, creative mashups, and a renewed commitment to sustainability. From tahini-infused delights to the nuanced heat of global peppers, each trend promises a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary. As we navigate the diverse tastes of the year, let our palates be the judges of this gastronomic journey—a journey defined by boldness, sustainability, and the sheer joy of innovation.


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