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Dried and salted mullet roe, Bottarga is considered a delicacy in Sicilian and Sardinian cuisines, where it is sliced or grated and used to top pasta. Like anchovies, it delivers an intense savory flavor that pairs beautifully with lemon.

Bottarga - is a luxury specialty ingredient made from the dried cured roe of the grey mullet. Salty, complex, and savory, it packs a bold punch of flavor and is used in many Mediterranean recipes.

Caviar Source
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1 - 4 of 4 products
Botarga Caviar - Dried Mullet Roe
Kosher Bottarga Caviar - Dried Mullet Roe
from France by Markys

A Mediterranean staple, salty and briny Bottarga is the sun-dried and salt-cured roe of the grey mullet.

Bottarga - Dried Grey Mullet Roe
Trikalinos Bottarga
from Greece by Trikalinos

This superb dried mullet roe from Greece has pride of place the best restaurants in the world.

Bottarga Powder - Grey Mullet Powdered Roe
Trikalinos Bottarga Powder
from Greece by Trikalinos

Bottarga, in a powder presentation, allows you to add that fabulous flavor to any dish in just a pinch.

Bottarga - Grey Mullet Roe, Whole
Bottarga - Grey Mullet Roe, Whole
from United States by Cortez

With a unique briny taste and a velvety texture, bottarga adds depth and complexity to your culinary creations.

1 - 4 of 4 products

Dried Mullet Roe Preparation

Dried bottarga caviar is one of those specialty items so rare you may have never heard of it. It’s made of dried mullet roe, but instead of being served as individual eggs like classic Russian caviar, Bottarga is made from the entire roe sac. Salt-cured and pressed to extract as much moisture as possible, then dried for several months, the finished product is dense with a texture similar to aged cheese.

Bottarga Caviar Taste

Boasting a uniquely delicious salty, briny flavor, some call Bottarga food the prosciutto of the sea, and its salt-cured profile is indeed similar. Intensely flavorful, think of kosher bottarga caviar dried mullet roe as a condiment. Thanks to its bold taste, a little goes a long way when it comes to bottarga gulf coast caviar. A fine grating over noodles results in a delicious Bottarga pasta. Equally appetizing over pizza, rice, or eggs, there are no end of creative bottarga recipes from which to choose.

How to Use & How To Eat Bottarga

The best way to utilize this savory ingredient in recipes is the same way you might use a truffle. Grate it over the top of pastas and risottos, or slice it wafer thin and top salads, tapas, or eggs with its shavings.

Depending on where the caviar Bottarga comes from, there may be variations. Popular in Asian cuisines, it is known as karasumi in Japan and eoran in Korea, and their preparation and presentations are slightly different. Sometimes enjoyed raw, you will often see it baked or seared, and sliced thinly to serve.

The Mediterranean version of this dry roe is drier and used like parmesan cheese. Grated into a fine powder and sprinkled over vegetables, pasta, and risotto it adds a boost of savory flavor. Shaved thinly, you’ll also find it served atop salads, tapas, or even layered into sandwiches. As versatile as it is tasty, there’s no end of delicious ways to experiment with this delightful dried caviar.

Where to Buy Bottarga Roe

If you don’t live in a large metropolitan area or the Mediterranean, it can be tricky to find authentic Bottarga. Today, however, thanks to the dedication of online retailers like Gourmet Food Store, you can source premium mullet Bottarga in all its delicious forms. From dried mullet roe powder to the entire cured roe sac, start enjoying this delicacy at its best by ordering from our website today.

Bottarga Pricing

The creation of Bottarga dried and cured mullet roe is a time-consuming process. A high-end ingredient, its labor-intensive production is reflected in its prices, costing around $30 dollars an ounce. While this may seem high to the inexperienced, you’ll find that a single dried grey mullet roe will last you years! For the best dried mullet roe prices, look no further than our selection of premium options available at Gourmet Food Store!

How To Store Mullet Roe

Shelf stable, you can store it unopened at room temperature without losing its quality, once opened you can rely on an additional 3-6 months well-wrapped in the fridge.

Bottarga Questions And Answers

Q:Is Bottarga the Same as Caviar?
A:The primary difference is that Bottarga caviar is made from the entire egg pouch, making it distinct from other caviars that utilize the individual eggs.
Q:What does Bottarga mean in Italian?
A:Bottarga’s meaning is Italian in origin. The term is thought to date back to Arabic and Byzantine times, used to describe pickled items. An ancient treat you’ll find mention of this delicacy in the De Honesta Voluptate: history’s first printed cookbook.
Q:How is Bottarga Made?
A:The entire roe sac of the grey mullet is expertly removed, then salt-cured, pressed, and dried. Aged until it reaches a firm consistency, its texture is akin to a hard cheese.
Q:Where to Buy Bottarga caviar?
A:While this specialty item is impossible to locate in most stores, thanks to retailers like Gourmet Food Store, you can order premium Bottarga right here on our website!
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