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Sweet Pepper Jam, Organic

from Spain by Lorusso
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Sweet Pepper Jam, Organic

Striking, both in flavor and color, this sweet pepper jam packs a punch! Masterfully blended, this jam strikes the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Its incredible aroma allows it to become anything from a flavorful dipping sauce for wings or egg rolls to the secret ingredient in your next stir fry.

Pair with savory aged cheeses or mild cream cheese on toast for a delicious and easy appetizer you’re guests will love. The culinary possibilities of this one spread are practically limitless. Made from 100% organic ingredients: this hot pepper jam is a healthy option you can feel good about indulging in.

Lorusso has made a name for itself as one of Spain’s leading manufacturers of premium organic condiments. From sweet strawberry and tangy raspberry to unique and flavorful options like this sweet pepper jam, their lineup is unparalleled. With a host of delicious options to choose from, several of their tasty products have won not only the market's approval but a long list of prestigious awards throughout Europe.

When you purchase a Lorusso jam, you know you’re getting the finest. Be sure to keep a few on hand to elevate all your meals, from breakfast to dessert!

Ingredients: Sweet Palermo Pepper 85%, cane sugar, lemon juice, agar-agar, salt
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