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Original Buckwheat Blini, Hand Made - 12 pc

from United States by Markys
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Original Buckwheat Blini, Hand Made - 12 pc

Sample our original Buckwheat blini; for a taste of this Eastern European pancake at its finest! These handmade blini offer the perfect base for all manner of pairings.

Flavorful yet subtle, they enhance without competing for attention. Each package contains 12 individual blini, perfect for an intimate party of two. Or purchase several for a passed appetizer your guests will adore!

Classic pairings like crème fraîche and caviar or sour cream and smoked salmon are the perfect savory accompaniment to buckwheat blini. Dark fruits and jams served alone or tempered with Mascarpone make a great sweet treat. But the possibilities don't stop there: be sure to explore a variety of options for a range of delightful appetizers.

What is a Blini?

This Eastern European pancake traditionally hails from Ukrainian, Russian, and Belorussian cuisines. Classically made from yeasted dough, it often features wheat flour but can be found made from buckwheat flour, millet, or oatmeal.

Varying in size and width thicker, smaller blini are used as a base for toppings, while the thinner ones are often filled and then folded or rolled. Their relatively neutral flavor profile makes them a great accompaniment for sweet and savory toppings.

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