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7 Smoked Salmon Recipes For Spring Entertaining

by Albertina Roca   |   February 13, 2018   |  

Ah, buttery, smoky smoked salmon, how much do we love you? Besides that amazing flavor and smooth texture, smoked salmon is an ingredient that can feed you literally all day long. Pop it over your avocado toast and call it a power breakfast. Add it to an omelet, add a glass of champagne and you’ve got brunch, and then toss it over some baby greens with some crumbled goat cheese and you’ve got lunch. Bake it on a quiche with asparagus and you’ve got dinner! Friends popping in for drinks? Just arrange over crackers with some cheese or crème fraiche, and voila, instant appetizers!

Need more inspiration? We’ve rounded up all our favorite smoked salmon recipes below to keep you deliciously fed all spring long.

Smoked Salmon Spring Recipes


Smoked Salmon Mini Quiches Recipe


Smoked Salmon Spring Recipes

Quiche is really a fancy word for – put everything you have in a bowl, mix with egg and bake it! It’s a super simple dish that’s also really versatile – you can really serve it at any point during the day. Adding smoked salmon to a quiche is a great way to add some depth of flavor, plus some great protein. In this recipe, we went for a less traditional approach and used the salmon as the crust, besides baking it inside, for a surprising presentation.


Cucumber and Smoked Salmon Appetizer Canapes Recipe


Smoked Salmon Spring Recipes

Sometimes you want to get fancy and really impress your guests with some old-school canapes that not only taste delicious but also look amazing. The secret to these appetizers? 3 ingredients! So easy to make, you just make a dip by blending the creamy Boursin cheese with chopped salmon, and then filling a cucumber “boat” with it. The fresh, watery flavor of the cucumber makes a great match for the smokiness of the salmon, while the Boursin brings it all together in velvety deliciousness.


Mini Gravlax Smoked Salmon Tarts Appetizer Recipe


Smoked Salmon Spring Recipes

For a more traditional take on the smoked salmon tart, we took dill-rubbed Gravlax and gave it a classic match with crème fraiche. Our Gravlax comes with a pre-made (and delish!) mustard sauce, which we mixed with chopped smoked salmon and crème fraiche. It all goes into a pre-made tart shell (but if you’re feeling ambitious, we’ve got a great tutorial for homemade pie crust here), then garnished with more fresh dill and a cube of avo.


Poppyseed Crackers, Brie and Smoked Salmon Appetizer Recipe


Smoked Salmon Spring Recipes

Now this is the appetizer for those who want to get ambitious! Make your own poppyseed crackers (don’t worry we show you how!), then top them with brie and smoked salmon – a tried-and-true gourmet combination!


Shrimp and Smoked Salmon Rolls Recipe


Smoked Salmon Spring Recipes

We took inspiration from Japanese sushi to create these rolls. Rather than used seaweed, the smoked salmon becomes the wrap that brings the meaty shrimp, julienned avocado and sweet mango together. We serve it with a homemade eel sauce (mirin, white sugar and soy sauce), but really your favorite sauce will do – or none, if you don’t feel like dealing with messy spills.


Shrimp and Smoked Salmon Fish Sandwich Recipe


Smoked Salmon Spring Recipes

Taking it outside this spring? We took the classic lobster roll and reinvented it! Sautéed shrimp and smoked salmon are mixed with mustard, mayo, dill, celery, sour cream and other seasonings, then scooped into a sub roll or hotdog bun for a wholesome seafood treat. The sandwich presentation is a great picnic or al-fresco dining idea, especially if you’ve got picky little foodies (read – kids!).


Smoked Salmon And King Crab Meat Pockets Recipe


Smoked Salmon Spring Recipes

Versatile smoked salmon slices are perfect to act as packaging! Take advantage of the flat sheets and fill them up with sweet king crab meat, mixed with other classic flavors like sour cream and cream cheese to make a dip-like filling, all tied up with a pretty piece of chive “string” – it can take a little practice but the impressive results are worth it

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