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Our Best Gourmet Gifts and Recipes For Mother's Day

by Albertina Roca   |   April 19, 2016   |  

They say there’s no way to truly repay your mother for all the wonderful things she ever did for you. But is that any reason not to try? Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and there’s no better time to send her a reminder of your love and appreciation.
Struggling to think of gift ideas or recipes that will brighten her day? Fear not! Here at Gourmet Food Store, we’ve selected 10 of our favorite Mother’s Day gourmet gifts, which you can easily purchase right here at our online store. Then we’ll divulge 5 heart-warming recipes you can cook for Mom on her special day.


Gifts and Sets

Petits Fours – Sweet Cravings:

petits fours

If your mom has even the slightest inclination towards sweet things, she’s sure to love these delightful mini-cakes originating in one of France’s best patisseries. Add a touch of ooh-la-la! to her day with 58 adorable petits fours, presented in 9 different varieties, such as choux praline, tangerine tartlet, pistachio square and, of course, the always-enjoyable chocolate eclair.

View or buy Petits Fours online.


Gooey Cheese Sampler Set:

gooey cheese

For the woman who can never eat too much cheese, grant her the ooiest, gooiest comfort cheeses of them all. From the triple-creamed buttery goodness of Brillat Savarin Affine to the rare Langres Chalancey tinged with honey-and-truffles, these gooeylicious wonders of the cheese world will make a monolithic platter when paired with fruits, bread and perhaps a little sparkling wine.

View or buy our Gooey Cheese Sampler online.


Osetra Karat Black Russian Caviar Gift Set:

Karat Black Caviar Gift Set

There are numerous caviar gift sets that will give Mom’s tastebuds a whistlestop tour of culinary paradise, but we particularly enjoy Osetra Karat Black. Derived from Russian Osetra sturgeon sustainably farmed in Israel, the caviar is famed for its velveteen, buttery consistency punctuated with striking notes of nuts. What’s more, it comes with a container of crème fraiche and a package of blini so you can create caviar-topped appetizers, a classic indulgence that never fails to stir the senses.

View or buy our Osetra Karat Black Russian Caviar Gift Set online.


Tea Forte Chocolat Collection, Infusers:

Chocolat Collection

Tea Forte offers teas that are so much prettier and tastier than your average off-the-shelf brand, and for any mom who enjoys chocolate-nibbling as much as tea-sipping, you can’t go wrong with their Chocolat Collection. The heart-shaped box contains several enticing, chocolate-infused blends contained in silken, pyramid-shaped infusers. Elegant, sophisticated and oh-so-delicious!

View or buy the Chocolat Collection online.

Lox for Bagels Gift Set:

Lox for Bagels

Making Mom breakfast or brunch in bed is a foolproof way to warm her heart, and it doesn’t get easier than with our lox and bagels gift set. We’ve included three of our finest smoked salmons; all you have to do is grab Mom’s favorite bagels and you’re ready to make a delicious lox-on-bagels recipe. The great thing about this recipe is that it’s super-simple to prepare yet still has the hallmarks of a sophisticated meal designed for that special someone.

View or buy our Lox and Bagels Gift Set online.


French Lavender or Rose Flower Syrups:

Flower Syrups

These florally-infused syrups draw their powers from the sun-drenched blossoms of the French Riviera. Le Pere Pelletier have concentrated the most striking colors and flavors to create syrup that enhances anything from ice cream to pastries to cocktails or ice creams. Presented in chic glass bottles with elegant stoppers, they’re the perfect gift for the mom who appreciates versatile and lovingly prepared ingredients.

View or buy French Lavender Flower Syrup online.

View or buy French Rose Flower Syrup online.


Croissants / Pains Au Chocolat / Pastries:


Croissants and other pastries are a sure-fire addition to any Mother’s Day brunch, particularly because they marry well with both sweet and savory recipes. Ours are simple enough to bake, yet taste as if they came straight from a Parisian patisserie: golden, crisp and flaky on the outside, yet sweet and buttery within. Alternatively, try out our pains au chocolat and other pastries.

View or buy Croissants and other pastries online.


French Almond Macaroons:

French Almond Macarons

Is your mom as mad about macaroons as we are? If so, she’ll love these melt-in-your-mouth, multicolored, marble-like morsels. With flavors ranging through vanilla, chocolate, lemon, pistachio, raspberry and coffee, each one exemplifies precisely what the perfect macaron should be: firm and crisp to the touch of the teeth, yet on-the-verge-of-dissolving once you bite.

View or buy French Almond Macaroons online.


The Savannah Bee Company Honeycomb Box:

Savannah Bee Honeycomb

The Savannah Bee Company has spent over 35 years creating the highest quality honey out of concentrated nectar derived from the flowers of Georgia. This honeycomb is just oozing with the stuff, and makes for a perfect breakfast or brunch side-on, or a delicious treat by itself.

View or buy the Savannah Bee Company Honeycomb Box online.


Leonidas Mixed Pralines:

Leonidas Pralines

When all else fails, you can always rely on chocolates, especially fresh Belgian chocolates. The artisan chocolatiers of Leonidas pride themselves on their masterfully-crafted confectionary, the chief ingredient of which is their unbridled passion and spirit. The mixed pralines set is among their finest, and includes several elegantly designed pralines with delicious fillings such as caramelized hazelnut and crisped rice. What mother wouldn’t delight at such gorgeous glazed gems?

View or buy Leonidas Mixed Pralines online.



Of course, buying gifts online is one great way to thank Mom this Mother’s Day, but why not go that one step further and cook her an outstanding gourmet meal? By compiling 5 recipes, we’ve created the ultimate Mother’s Day brunch, which will ensure this is a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget. It’s her special day, and this meal comes with everything she needs, including 2 tantalizing appetizers, a luxurious main course, a unique side and a scrumptious dessert. Of course, you don’t have to cook all 5; pick and choose whichever ones you think she’ll enjoy the most.

Poppyseed Crackers with Brie and Smoked Salmon

Poppyseed Crackers

Create your own homemade crackers that are the perfect combination of crunchy and buttery, before topping them with a creamy bed of Brie, satin-smooth salmon and leaves of arugula. When was the last time your mother ate crackers this exquisite? Quite possibly never.

View Poppyseed Crackers with Brie and Smoked Salmon recipe.


Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Lorraine

A glorious gold-crusted tart crammed to the brim with melted Gruyere and smoky pancetta. Serve this French classic as a sliced appetizer or as a meal in itself. Either way, it’s sure to get Mom’s seal of approval.

View Quiche Lorraine recipe.


Lemon Butter Boiled Lobster Tails

Lemon Butter Lobster Tails

Take her brunch to the next level with these gloriously red lobster tails that are absolutely bursting with tender, white, mouthwatering meat. Lather them in lemon and butter, and this sweet, juicy feast will make Mom feel like monarchy.

View Lemon Butter Boiled Lobster Tails recipe.


Cheddar and Zucchini Biscuits

Cheddar and Zucchini Biscuits

Add a wholesome side to her main course with these soft n’ buttery mounds that melt in your mouth. Cheddar cheese is the cornerstone of their creamy-savory flavor base, but zucchini adds a pastoral touch that’s perfect for Mom. Serve them warm straight from the oven!

View Cheddar and Zucchini Biscuits recipe.


Orange-Strawberry Ricotta Cake

Orange Strawberry Ricotta Cake

Mom fed you all your favorite sweets and desserts as a child, so why not return the favor? This fluffy ricotta cake is topped with orange and strawberry slices, then drizzled with orange syrup that positively tangoes across the palate. It’s infinitely yummy by itself, but paired with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream it becomes the apotheosis of Mother’s Day desserts.

View Orange-Strawberry Ricotta Cake recipe.

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