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Osetra Karat Black Caviar Gift Set

from Israel by Marky's
This gift set includes:
  • 2.00 oz jar, Osetra Karat Black Russian Caviar
  • 8.0 oz, Creme Fraiche
  • 1 pack - 36 pieces, Mini Blini - Hand Made
Optional items:
  •   1 spoon - 4.5 inches, Mother of Pearl serving spoon [Add $16.20]
  •   1 spoon - 7 cm, Mother of Pearl serving spoon [Add $5.38]
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Osetra Karat Black Caviar Gift Set

Give them a taste of the luxe life with this caviar gift set of authentic Osetra Caviar farm-raised sustainably in Israel, now hailed as the best caviar in the world. The gift set includes a tin of caviar, a container of smooth crème fraiche and a package of blini. Add the optional mother of pearl spoon to serve the caviar in the most authentic way - without spoiling the flavor with metal utensils. A coveted farmed caviar from authentic Osetra sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii) imported from the Caspian Sea and farmed sustainably in a state-of-the-art aquafarm kibbutz in Israel. Karat caviar is prized for its medium to large glossy grains, a firm, luxuriously smooth and buttery texture and a robust flavor with distinct notes of nuts. Marked "Karat Black" this particular Osetra caviar has eggs of dark grey to black color. Each tin contains caviar from one single fish, ensuring a uniform flavor profile.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Brand: Markys Caviar
Types of Caviar Sets: Single Caviar Gift Sets
Included Caviar: Osetra

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Questions and Answers

Q:Planning to order Cavier sets for all of our friends that we are visiting on a trip. How long will the products last if kept refrigerated? Wanted to order all the products now - even if we won't see them for several weeks (3 weeks for the last couple).
A:The shelf life of the caviar itself is around 2.5 weeks kept refrigerated and unopened. The shelf life of the blinis and creme fraiche is about one month also kept refrigerated and unopened. Once opened all these products should be used as soon as possible, within 2 days at most.
Q:I would like to get a 2 oz jar of Osetra with out the creme fraishe and Bilini is this possible ? and how much ?

The Osetra Karat Black Russian Caviar Malossol can be ordered individually in different sizes. You can find the product here:

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