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Fresh Duck Foie Gras Slices - Individually Flash-Frozen

from United States by Hudson Valley
Item description Temp Price per LB* Price* Qty Sku
16 slices, 2 oz each chilled $95.96 $191.92 1719101

Fresh Duck Foie Gras Slices - Individually Flash-Frozen

Foie Gras is one of those delicacies we’ve all heard about. A singularly delicious food, it has created a name and a reputation for itself that borders on the mythical. Like the famed Beluga Caviar or the Italian Perigord truffle, Foie Gras is a thing many people assume they’ll never have the opportunity to taste, but at Gourmet Food Store, we want to give everyone the chance to try this uniquely delightful food for themselves. Just a click away, you can receive your own pre-sliced Foie Gras ready to be seared and served within a day.

We are proud to be partnering with Hudson Valley, one of the best purveyors of Foie Gras in the United States and the only producer of USDA certified cage-free Foie in the country. The Hudson Valley farm is located on 200 acres of lush pasture land in New York’s Catskill’s mountain range, where they raise 100% cage-free Moulard ducks in the classic French method, to produce some of the richest most luxurious livers we’ve ever tried!

Hand cut and portioned, our separate Foie Gras medallions are not only of the highest caliber, but they are also convenient. Individually packed and frozen, our 2-ounce Foie Gras slices allow you to thaw only as much as you need, avoiding the thawing and refreezing of your Foie and helping you maintain that velvety smooth texture and complex taste. Flash frozen and vacuum-sealed our particular method of preservation allows for superior quality control, and an extended shelf-life without sacrificing any of the flavor!

Ingredients: Duck Foie Gras
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Presentation: Sliced
Type: Raw / Fresh, Frozen
Fowl: Duck
Origin: American
Brand: Hudson Valley

Product Reviews

thin slices,small in size and missing the flavorful buttery flavor
Cyndy from Laguna Niguel, CA

Questions and Answers

Q:what is the shelf life of this product if kept frozen? thanks
A:The shelf life if kept frozen is 12 months.

Product Pricing Per Pound

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Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
1719101 16 slices, 2 oz each 1.90 lbs. - 2.10 lbs. $95.96
1719101 16 slices, 2 oz each 1.90 lbs. - 2.10 lbs. $95.96
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