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New Zealand Grass-Fed Boneless Lamb Loin
Australian Lamb Loin - Boneless

New Zealand Grass-Fed Boneless Lamb Loin

from New Zealand by Broadleaf
4 pieces, 6-8 oz ea frozen $14.71 $25.75
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About New Zealand Grass-Fed Boneless Lamb Loin

Unforgettably delicious, this tender and flavorful Boneless Lamb Loin from New Zealand grass-fed lamb is mild, tasty and superbly versatile.

If you’ve ever wanted the taste but not overwhelming gaminess of lamb, our New Zealand grass fed lamb is the meat to try. Milder than American lamb, New Zealand lamb is smaller and more tender, with a less gamey flavor than what is available domestically. It has a subtle sweetness that is fantastic and pairs wonderfully with all manner of spices, fresh herbs, and marinades (especially the sweet, fruity ones). This cut comes from the short loin of the animal, at the top, a very naturally tender and lean cut, much like the tenderloin.

Long, narrow and boneless, you can serve this in thick cut fillets, or cubed for skewers, kebabs and stir-fries. Cooking note: the leanness of the cut makes it easy to overcook, and we always recommend you serve lamb medium or medium-rare for best taste. Sear, grill or stir-fried, this delicious boneless Lamb Loin is our favorite way to add variety to our protein game.

Our Boneless Lamb Leg comes from 100% New Zealand Lamb, grass fed and raised free range in lush, nutritious family-run farms. Hormone, steroid and antibiotic free, and never given any genetically modified feed. A natural, delicious and environmentally-friendly product!

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