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Artichoke Hearts

from Spain by Caprichos Del Paladar
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1 jar - 30 pieces room temp $15.82 $15.82 3349801
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8 jars - 60 pieces ea room temp $29.14 $233.12 3349804

Artichoke Hearts

A true treat from Spain, our handmade artichoke hearts are made from baby artichokes carefully selected for their small size and fresh flavor. They are then double-boiled and quickly preserved in water, salt and citric acid, an artisan process that preserves their delicious taste and nutrition without the use of preservatives or dyes. In this way, they're sure to satisfy even the most demanding palate.

These tasty Spanish ingredients are popularly eaten grilled, fried or roasted in lemon juice. They can also be prepared raw with a touch of olive oil and lemon, steamed or boiled with a side of butter, or sauted in olive oil and browned with a tasty crust of salt and pepper. In fact, they're very absorbent and will soak up endless flavors such as garlic, thyme or basil.

As for what to pair them with, they'll go with almost any meat or seafood, like lamb shanks or baked scallops. Or you can serve with crusty French bread and your favorite cheesy dip or use them as a tasty pizza topping!

This product was created by Caprichos del Paladar. With a name meaning “Whims of the Palate” this Spanish company specializes in the cultivation and production of artichokes, farming and hand-harvesting these prized vegetables with utmost care. From seed to sprout to packaging, they ensure only the best artichokes are brought to your kitchen.

Ingredients: Artichokes, water, salt and citric acid. No preservatives or dyes.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Pantry Categories: Canned/Jarred Vegetables
Origin: Spain

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very good
Ed from Woodstock, GA

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