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Wild King Crab - Whole

Wild King Crab - Whole

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Wild King Crab - Whole

Sure to impress everyone, our whole king crab makes a striking centerpiece for elegant dinner tables and backyard feasts. Unmatched in terms of its delicate texture and subtly sweet flavor, our wild king crab is a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Their singularly delicious flavor coupled with the fact that king crabs are the largest species of crabs in the Eastern Hemisphere, means you get a lot more of what you love.

Simple to prepare, the best way to capture the fresh taste of our whole king crab is to steam, bake, or boil until its shell has turned a bright red. Contrasting beautifully on the plate, serve alongside a ramekin of the classic butter sauce and a few artfully placed slices of lemon. Rich and tender, king crab is a delightfully healthy form of high-quality protein. Providing one-of-a-kind health benefits, eating king crab can help rebuild muscles, reduce inflammation, and even strengthen heart health.

Wild crab is notoriously dangerous to catch and fishermen all over the world brave the icy depths to deliver this tantalizing delicacy of the seas. The crab catching season is carefully timed and limited to meet exacting specifications to maintain sustainable fishing practices. This careful attention to detail ensures that our wild king crab is always of the highest quality and will be a delicious source of gastronomic enjoyment for many generations to come. Enjoy the finest wild king crab on the market while being environmentally conscious with our wild-caught king crab!

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