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Fig Cream

from Italy by Tealdi
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Fig Cream

Ultra-smooth and creamy our gourmet fig spread by Tealdi is one of our favorite condiments! A beautiful shade of amber, this sweet fruity mixture looks lovely on a cheese plate or alongside dainty scones and biscuits for tea. Made from a delicious blend of fresh juicy figs, pears are added to help balance and round out the flavors. It’s then finished with a small amount of cane sugar to soften any fruity acidity and give this silky sweet condiment a smooth finish.

As versatile as it is delicious, Fig cream can hold its own alongside almost any dish. The perfect accompaniment to cheese and crackers, this is a must-have for the cheeseboard. Hard nutty cheeses, soft tangy wedges, and intense crumbly blues, our favorite fig cream pairs beautifully with all of them. A fantastic jam alternative, fig’s honey-sweet flavors are a great accompaniment to toast or biscuits! Combine it with some good balsamic to make a fabulous marinade for pork tenderloins, or glaze your next turkey with it to build up a gorgeous lacquered finish. From dinner to breakfast, Tealdi’s delicious fig cream is great for any time of day or any kind of meal.

There are hundreds of fig varieties, each of them boasting their signature taste and flavor notes. From the ultra-sweet Adriatic to the distinctively nutty Calimyrna, Tealdi of Italy has perfectly balanced a blend of figs to create an intense and complex flavored spread. Using the best possible produce along with traditional methods, Tealdi of Italy has added yet another exquisite product to their already fantastic assortment. Try our favorite fig cream today and experience the endless possibilities!

Ingredients: Figs 42%, sugar, pears.
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