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Black Summer Italian Truffle Peelings

Black Summer Italian Truffle Peelings

from Italy by Terroirs d'Antan
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Black Summer Italian Truffle Peelings

When you want your dishes to have a bold truffle look, but fresh truffles are out of the budget, using our truffle peelings is a great option. These perfectly thin slices of black summer truffles are steamed and preserved in salt and water, and when cooked in a sauce or gently sautéed in truffle butter, they give out a mild truffle aroma and add a nutty flavor to dishes. Truffle peelings are usually used to finish a dish for a truffle aesthetic, since they don’t have a lot of truffle flavor or aroma – don’t expect the same flavor of a fresh truffle. Use them in broths and pasta sauces, to finish off risottos and pastas, or just as garnish for impressive meat dishes.

To use truffle peelings in their dry form, drain from the brine. Pair them up with truffle butter and extracts to add a fabulous flavor and aroma. We love a Wagyu roast with truffle butter and truffle peelings. If you want to use truffle peelings to make sauce or reduction, use the liquid brine as well. We love a good sherry reduction with truffle peelings to drizzle over a tenderloin roast or a crispy roasted chicken. Pair them with cream and butter for truffle cream sauces for pasta dishes. It’s a great ingredient to start your truffle journey!

Ingredients: Black summer truffles (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), truffle juice, salt.
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