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The Perfect Present: Smoked Salmon Gifts Guide

Albertina Roca
  |   January 15, 2015   |  

Unless you live in New York City, where “lox” is consumed in massive quantities year-round, you’ll probably notice how as the holiday season progresses, smoked salmon starts appearing more and more in tables everywhere. That’s because smoked salmon is a very popular gift option; it’s easy to buy, you can get it mail order or on the internet, and makes a great addition to practically any table (what could be simpler than putting together a salmon gift basket: crackers, cream cheese, salmon, and you get a party favorite). Smoked salmon is so versatile it makes a great gift for practically anyone (except maybe vegetarians), and usually comes packed attractively in a box gift that makes for a charming presentation.

Why Smoked Salmon Gifts are the Way to go

The beauty of smoked salmon is that it is so versatile. As a corporate gift it is just impersonal enough to be appropriate, and sophisticated enough to make a good impression. A note on corporate gift-giving etiquette: it’s always a good idea to check the company’s corporate gift policy (if they even have one) before sending any gifts. You don’t want to be too personal, that could make people uncomfortable, but since it can be addressed to a whole office, as opposed to just one individual, smoked salmon makes a great corporate gift.

As a house-warming gift, smoked salmon makes for a thoughtful gesture - as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner - for the probably exhausted recipient. I can think of little things that would cheer me up after unpacking the umpteenth box of china, than opening one filled with a pack of delicious smoked salmon.

It will make for a delicious brunch option if you’re vacationing with family or friends, and it is something everyone can enjoy (I’ve yet to see a teenage boy dig into, oh, say, a scented candle). Smoked salmon is the food gift par excellence for Christmas and New Year celebrations, a time when social responsibilities increase, and the simple delicious elegance of smoked salmon is always welcome. Smoked salmon is even suitable for Hanukah gifts, as many smoked salmon producers carry Orthodox Union certification for their kosher smoked salmon products.

Think useful, tasty, but most of all, think convenience. You don’t have to go to the store to buy it, rush home, wrap it, pack it in ice, go back to the post office, and then ship it, all the time praying it will get there in one piece. Mail order and internet catalogs do the job for you, all you do is provide the address (and your credit card, of course). Make sure you go to a reputable source that carries a variety of products, that way you can purchase the whole smoked salmon gift box, or even make your own with other delicious treats (the best stores will be able to tell you what goes well with smoked salmon, besides the obvious cream cheese...smoked salmon and caviar tartlets anyone?). Also think price; although smoked salmon is considered a luxury item, it still is remarkably affordable.

In the era of the low-carb diet craze, sending cookies or chocolates over the mail is a big gifting faux pas. The turn of the century has seen the rise of salmon as the health food par excellence, studies continually discovering the benefits of a diet rich in fish, especially salmon that is high in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. So not only smoked salmon is sophisticated and luxurious, it’s also a great addition to any diet, and you won’t be boycotting your friends’ or family’s hard weight-loss efforts by tempting them with candy and sweets.

You have many options when ‘giving away’ smoked salmon. You can go traditional with a nice pack of sliced smoked salmon, to be enjoying simply by pairing it with gourmet crackers and herbed cream cheese; or you can take the guesswork by choosing smoked salmon dips, or pre-packaged smoked salmon appetizers, which are great to have in freezer for an impromptu cocktail party, or a delicious snack in a hurry. A great alternative is smoked salmon mousse, which also arrives frozen and is totally decadent with fancy miniature toasts or crackers. Either way you go, it’ll always be the hit of the party.

Smoked Salmon Gift Sets

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