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Farm raised in the pure and crystalline waters of Canada's Prince Edward Island, our live black mussels are deliciously meaty, juicy and totally natural, full of protein and a great source of vitamin B12. Farming ensures these are a sustainable food and not depleting existing wild populations, plus they require less cleaning - a rinse under cold water and a brushing and you're ready to steam, boil, to cook your delicious mussels in wine sauce or Fra Diablo.

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Questions and Answers

Q:are they raw or cocked
A:The Mussels are not cooked.
Q:How many people will a 2 lb. bag of your mussels feed as an appetizer?
A:2 lbs should be a good appetizer for 6 people.
Q:How big are the mussels?
A:The Mussels are medium size. They are about 3 inches.

Mussels Recipes

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