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Emerald Cove Oysters

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Emerald Cove Oysters

Emerald Cove oysters originate near Vancouver Island, Canada. Here the waters are cool and clear, which gives the oysters mild salinity and a briny aroma. You only have to look at them to know their greatness, those iridescent shells a mark of superior upbringing: they never had to fight predators, disease, or storms of sand and silt, hence their tough, pearly exteriors. Carefully cultivated in mesh trays suspended in deep water, they've acquired a full-bodied, buttery consistency, their meat plump and their aftertaste cucumberous. This is the stuff seafood connoisseurs dream about.

These deep-sea treats are delicious on their own: slurp them right out of the shell and you’ll pretty much be in heaven. Buy raw oysters and pair them with a vinegar mignonette, sprinkle them with lemon juice, or add them to a crunchy baguette spread with butter.

If you’re not partial to raw seafood, order oysters online and you can shuck them and dip them in beer batter to make tasty fried oysters, or drain them, wrap them in bacon, and grill for some delectable angels on horseback.

For drink pairings, consider champagne or light white wine.

And if all that fails, few things go better with oysters than, well, more oysters…

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Product Reviews

Superb, fantastic, the best
Tomas from Norfolk, VA
some of the freshest oysters, most delicious and perfect combo of brine and cream, wonderful, i will order again!
katrina from fort pierce, FL
Cancel the order for personal reasons
Nathalie from Clinton township, MI
Excellent taste. Unfortunately 11 were bad.
Laurent from Bluffton, SC
cory from Buffalo, NY

Questions and Answers

Q:Are the Oysters Shucked?
A:The Emerald Cove Oysters are not shucked.
Q:Is the emerald cove oyster still fresh and alive

Yes, the Emerald Cove Oysters are alive and fresh.

Oysters can sometimes live for about 2 weeks out of water. When storing the oysters, keep them on a wet paper towel, cup side down in the refrigerator.

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