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Littleneck Clams

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Littleneck Clams

Our premium Littleneck clams come from farms in the Virginia Coast Reserve, a protected biosphere right on the purest waters of the Atlantic Ocean, where they're farmed year-round in the most sustainable manner, ensuring the wild clam populations are protected. The smallest size of clam, Littlenecks are tender, full of that fresh-from-the-sea flavor, and perfect for steaming, grilling or eating raw. Buy clams online for a seafood option that is high in protein, rich in calcium, protein and Omega-3s, and completely additive and chemical-free. Our Littleneck Clams are clean, pure and totally delicious.

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Product Reviews

Very dirty, full of sand, and more than 1/2 the clams were too small. I ate the large ones on the 1/2 shell and steamed the smaller ones, with wine, shallots & herbs. But it was like chewing on food that was just picked up off the beach after it was dropped. I like my clams landless.
Neil from Rumford, RI
They said they were perfect! Thank you!
Lisha from Louisburg, NC
flavorful but harder to chu than regular littlenecks probably because they were frozen, but they can be stemmed and then they open.
Juan from Scarsdale, NY
so small you need tweezers to eat them
I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for some great clams .
Susan from Fairmount, IN

Questions and Answers

Q:I bought the little necks, can I freeze them?
A:Littleneck clam can be frozen for up to 3 months, but doing so will immediately kill them clams. Once frozen they will only be able to be used in soups or recipes that do not call for fresh, live clams.
Q:I like my clams small no bigger than a half dollar coin ...With that being said are they comparable to that?
A:Measuring 1 to 2 inches across, littleneck clams are the smallest quahog legal for harvesting.
A:Littleneck clams are shipped chilled and fresh, not frozen.
Q:How do i keep them alive until cooking
A:To store clams, you should put them in a bowl without water, cover with a damp towel or paper towels directly on the top of the clams, and refrigerate. If you keep the towels moist, they should keep for several days, although if you intend to eat them on the half-shell, I'd use them ASAP. Do not Submerge them in water.
Q:Do these come fresh or frozen
A:The Littleneck Clams are fresh.

Littleneck Clams Recipes

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