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Bigeye Tuna Portion, Skin Off - Poke Grade

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Bigeye Tuna Portion, Skin Off - Poke Grade

Take a look at the beautifully dark, reddish-purple hue of our bigeye portions. That’s the color of flawless tuna, the kind that world-class sushi and sashimi chefs turn into miniature works of art. Why not join them and craft delicious mouthfuls of your own? Too ambitious? Maybe a simple grilled lunch for those times when you’ve earned something special.

The eyes of this species are big, but so is its body: plump and bursting with mouthwatering meat, which is higher in fat content than its yellowfin counterpart. That makes it the preferred choice of ardent sashimi lovers, and it also gives the meat a thick, beefy texture, not to mention a mild flavor that’s compatible with numerous recipes and preparation methods.

Our bigeye tuna are caught using longline fishing gear in French Polynesia, a country with a rich tradition of coastal fishing. The skinless portions are packed with protein, vitamins and omega-3, but low in sodium and saturated fats, and they can be easily stored in your refrigerator.

Such meat is heavenly-tender when eaten raw, and becomes a gastronomic paradise when accompanied by sashimi-sushi sides like wasabi, ginger, soy sauce or daikon radish. On the other hand, the high fat content of the big eye tuna sashimi makes it ideal for grilling, sautéing or broiling. Craving tuna steak? Buy sushi grade tuna at Gourmet Food Store. This is where it’s at.

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Questions and Answers

Q:Has the tuna been previously frozen? Is it ok to freeze? Thanks
A:This tuna is fresh, never previously frozen. You can freeze it down ideally in vacuum sealed, freezer safe containers.
Q:How are these tuna caught? By longline or by pole?
A:The tuna are caught by longline.
Q:Are these bluefin tuna or are they ahi tuna.
A:In Hawaiian, the Bigeye Tuna is one of two species known as "ahi", the other one being the yellowfin tuna. Bigeye tuna are generally smaller than bluefin and larger than yellowfin.

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