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Salmon Premium Fillet, Skin On - Sashimi/Poke Grade

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2.5 lb fillet chilled $26.93 $67.32 1601801
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Salmon Premium Fillet, Skin On - Sashimi/Poke Grade

There’s a reason salmon is one of the most popular fresh fishes in the US. Few things taste more exquisite than a perfectly cooked whole salmon fillet, and who can resist that heavenly pink flesh that disintegrates with every bite, or the skin that crackles with a light, salty crunch? 

This particular whole salmon fillet comes from the fresh waters of Chile, and is especially succulent and flavorful when cooked. This Chilean salmon fillet is packed with protein and amino acids, not to mention omega-3 fatty acids, which are scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular health and reduce the risk of heart disease.

The amount of recipes and preparation methods for these fillets are endless, and they can be grilled, baked or poached no problem. They’re perfect for a simple yet fancy meal that keeps you healthy without sacrificing on the deliciousness factor! Our Premium Fillet is also suitable for sashimi and poke grade! 

These premium Chilean salmon fillets for sale are distributed by Samuels and Son Seafood, founded by Samuel D’Angelo in 1989. Born into a family of lifelong seafood merchants, Samuel brings to his business an unrivalled combination of knowledge, passion and expertise, which has helped Samuels and Son dominate the seafood market throughout the East Coast. They now distribute nationwide to restaurants, hotels and supermarkets, using globally-sourced seafood products that are always fresh, sustainable, and utterly delicious. Their headquarters in Philadelphia boasts an extensive facility built for cleanliness and masterful preparation of all products.

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Questions and Answers

Q:Is the salmon wild caught
A:The salmon is not wild caught. It is farmed in Chile.
Q:Greetings, Would you be able to export the salmon fillet to Nepal? Regards, Mantu Budhathoki Cold Storage Ptv Ltd
A:Perishable products cannot be shipped outside of the US.
Q:can smoked salmon be substituted for unsmoked salmon without losing anything other than added sodium?

Smoked salmon gets somewhat dried out from the smoking process, so this needs to be taken into consideration. If a recipe is calling for fresh salmon is best to use that. However, smoked salmon can be used in sushi without any issue, instead of the fresh one.

Salmon Premium Fillet, Skin On - Sashimi/Poke Grade Recipes

Grilled Salmon Kebabs Recipe
Grilled Salmon Kebabs Recipe
A super easy recipe for salmon kebabs skewered with veggies and a fresh mango salsa. Serve them as a an appetizer or paired with wild rice or couscous for a main dish.

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Sku Item description Item weight range Price per lb
1601801 2.5 lb fillet 2.00 lbs. - 3.00 lbs. $26.93
1601801 2.5 lb fillet 2.00 lbs. - 3.00 lbs. $26.93
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