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Rabbit with White Wine Sausage

from United States by Chateau Royal
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12 oz pack, 4 links frozen $16.12 $12.09
12 x 12 oz pack, 4 links frozen $12.70 $114.30

Rabbit with White Wine Sausage

This bold and flavorsome rabbit sausage from Fabrique Delices is bursting with a rich combination of aromatic herbs native to the Normandy region of France. This rich, flavor base is complemented by the bright citrusy notes of a white wine, which lightly permeates throughout. The gastronomic possibilities for this delightful rabbit sausage are seemingly endless. Sauté, grill, or roast whole, slice and add to pizzas, flatbreads, salads, and more, or crumble into stews, soups, or nachos for a bold and appetizing addition to any dish.

Thanks to its relatively delicate flavor profile, this sausage does well in a wide range of applications and pairs with most spices and seasonings. Lending itself especially well to onions, bacon, and aromatic herbs like thyme, experiment with this tantalizing rabbit sausage from Fabrique Delices.

Each package of our sausages contains four links, which can be purchased singly or in bulk packs of twelve. So whether you’re just ordering for yourself or you're preparing to cater for a crowd, get exactly the amounts you need for your next culinary masterpiece. Carefully packaged in insulated boxes, these fresh sausages ship frozen. Expedited to your door cold packs are included to keep temperatures low and prevent severe temperature shifts during transit. All our perishable goods are expedited overnight, so when you order any of these delicious sausages today, you could start enjoying them as soon as tomorrow. Browse through our complete selection from Fabrique Delices and all our other gourmet products and start cooking with and experiencing food at its finest!

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business day. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Meat and Game: Rabbit
Cuts: Raw and Grilling Sausages
Origin: United States

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