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Pave d'Affinois with Truffles

from France by Guilloteau
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Pave d'Affinois with Truffles

This wonderful French cheese is very similar to a traditional Brie – a double crème, cow’s milk, bloomy rind cheese that is soft, mil and supple. The difference with brie is that Pave D’Affinois is made using a process called “ultrafiltration”, which make the aging process faster and the results more concentrated, making for a richer, more buttery cheese.

If it wasn’t decadent enough, the folks at Fromagerie GUilloteau decided to make Pave D’Affinois even more extraordinary by adding earthy black truffles to this creamy and silky cheese. The musky mushrooms are the perfect partner to sweet, milky Pave D’Affinois, adding great flavor and aroma to the luscious texture. With a fat content of 60%, this is a super smooth addition to a cheese board or a great choice to enjoy smothered over a French baguette. Pair it with fresh grapes or crisp apples, nuts and a drizzle of honey.

Pave D'Affinois Truffles come as fun, snack-size minis of 0.9 oz each, perfect to take on the go, or to serve on a cheese board. Each package contains 6 minis.

Fromagerie Guilloteau has been producing their wonderful cheese in the town of Pélussin in the beautiful Rhône-Alpes region of France since 1981. They’re also the makers of the wildly popular Fromager D’Affinois.

Ingredients: pasteurized cow's milk, cream, lactic starters, salt, black truffles from Perigord 1% (Tuber melanosporum et brumale), aroma, microbial rennet.
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Milk Type: Cow
Texture: Soft
Type: Truffle
Origin: French
Shape: Block

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