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Bordier Churned Butter in a Bar, Salted - with Espelette Pepper

from France by Le Beurre Bordier
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Bordier Churned Butter in a Bar, Salted - with Espelette Pepper

Known by many as the best butter in the world, Bordier butter is renowned for its deep, complex profile and smooth, almost chewy texture. It’s sensational characteristics are made even more delightful by the addition of Espelette pepper in this flavorful infused variety.

Introduced into the Basque Country of France in the 17th-Century, Espelette chilies are ripened on the vine, before being dried by the sun and then ground in a powder. Blended into the fresh, creamy base of Bordier salted butter, its gently spicy flavor is the perfect accent.

Beginning with the highest quality milk sourced from cattle raised on the lush pasture-land of Brittany, France, Bordier lays a foundation of flavor by starting with the best. Taking twelve times longer to craft their butter than the generic offerings, Bordier sets itself apart in every step of their artisan process.

This esplette butter maintains all the sumptuous creamy qualities you have come to expect from Bordier while offering something more: a subtle warming heat. Nuanced, smoky, with fruity highlights of flavor, this butter holds the key to unlocking and enhancing a wide range of dishes.

Elevate pastries, bread, and biscuits or sauté vegetables and seafood for an added layer of flavor. Infuse mashed potatoes and finish steaks with peppery dimension, or simply spread on a fresh crusty slice of bread for a decadent treat. No matter how you choose to use this butter, we’re certain you’ll love the way it transforms your meals.

Ingredients: Unsalted butter (94.7%), salt (2.8%), Espelette pepper PDO (2.5%).
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Brand: Bordier
Origin: French
Saltiness: Salted
Type: Churned Butter
Packaging: Bar

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