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Lamb Shoulder, Boneless, Rolled and Netted

from New Zealand by Hellaby
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1 pack, 3 lbs frozen $11.64 $34.92
16 x 1 pack, 3 lbs ea frozen $10.20 $489.60

Lamb Shoulder, Boneless, Rolled and Netted

The boneless lamb shoulder is considered one of the best roasts available, thanks to its excellent ratio of meat to fat. Beautifully marbled throughout, our boneless lamb shoulder is riddled with layers of white, creamy fat that melt during the cooking process and give the roast an incredible flavor and a juicy tender texture that’s hard to beat. One of the most forgiving portions, even those inexperienced with cooking lamb will enjoy great results with this flavorsome cut.

Our grass-fed prime lamb shoulder from Hellaby is widely considered some of the best available on the market. Located in New Zealand, their lamb is raised on a natural diet of grass and local flora and provided with ample pasture-land. This wholesome upbringing and diet combine to provide Hellaby with exceptionally flavorsome and tender meats. With every step of the process given special care and consideration, Hellaby’s experienced team of butchers employs traditional cold-boning techniques. Cold-boning means the lamb’s carcass is allowed to chill overnight before it’s masterfully broken down and portioned. This extra time ensures that the meat holds its shape when sliced, rendering cuts that are not only delicious but are also aesthetically pleasing.

Already cleaned, trimmed, rolled, and netted, our delightful boneless lamb shoulder from Hellaby requires very little prep. Simply season and place in the oven to roast. So easy to cook and serve, our lamb roast makes an excellent meal for any occasion. Flavorful and mild, the delicate taste of our New Zealand lamb lends itself to a wide range of preparations that allow you to get creative in the kitchen! Pair this lamb with traditional flavors like rosemary and mint, or try something different for an exciting take on this popular portion. Available singly or in bulk, each of our boneless shoulders weighs in at approximately 3-pounds. Sold and shipped frozen, all of our perishable items are expedited overnight to your door to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. Try our delightful lamb shoulder today for a gourmet option all your friends and guests are sure to love!

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is perishable and must ship via Overnight service.
Meat and Game: Lamb
Cuts: Shoulder
Origin: New Zealand

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2055101 1 pack, 3 lbs 2.50 lbs. - 3.50 lbs. $11.64
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2055102 16 x 1 pack, 3 lbs ea 43.00 lbs. - 53.00 lbs. $10.20
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