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Ceramic Butter Holder for Isigny Butter Portions

from France by Isigny
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Ceramic Butter Holder for Isigny Butter Portions

Our Ceramic Butter Holder makes it easy to serve the acclaimed French butter Beurre D'Isigny in style. Each is optimum sized for holding a 1-ounce Isigny butter portion, which comes in salted and unsalted varieties. Each holder has an lovely, blue text denoting Beurre D'Isigny butter in handwritten style. Serve these elegant holders at meals and events, and present this acclaimed butter the way it was meant to be.

Beurre D'Isigny is an AOC-certified French butter favored by chefs the world over. Its uniquely creamy profile with hazelnut notes is achieved through the meticulous harvesting of milk from specific terroirs in Normandy, where the coastal climate imbues the soils and grasses with unique minerals and flavors. This has made Beurre D'Isigny one of the most acclaimed butters in the world, sure to bring sophistication to any kitchen or household.

Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Brand: Isigny Butter
Origin: French

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