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Whole Natural Squab, Semi-Boneless

from United States by Broadleaf
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1 squab, 10-12 oz frozen $1.05 $25.16 2033801
24 squabs, 10-12 oz frozen $25.16 $603.84 2033802

Whole Natural Squab, Semi-Boneless

Bring a touch of medieval-style opulence to your kitchen with this crisp-skinned avian treat. Long considered the "meat of kings" by ancient emperors, pharaohs and other royalty, a squab is a young, domesticated pigeon prized for its dark, tender meat that you can almost suck off the bone. Think dark chicken meat crossed with duck, with a whole lot of extra succulence - yum! 

This whole all-natural squab comes with its tiny torso bones removed, so you don't have to suffer the tricky challenge of deboning it yourself. The wing and leg bones remain intact, providing a classic European-style presentation that's ready to stuff, roast, grill, broil or whatever you please. Just don't let it cook too long!

This product is prepared by Squab Producers of California, a cooperative that's been supplying squab to discerning customers since 1943. By harnessing the unique, temperate climate of California's central valley for year-round productivity, along with a modern HAACCP-compliant processing plant, they maintain a high level of quality standard and customer satisfaction.

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Origin: United States

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