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Shrimp - Precooked, With Tails

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Shrimp - Precooked, With Tails

With minimal effort, use our pre-cooked shrimp to prepare a wide range of dishes. From the ubiquitous shrimp cocktail to salads, grain bowls, pasta, and soup, the gastronomic possibilities of the boiled shrimp are virtually endless!

With an appetizing red exterior and snow-white tender flesh, these shrimp will have your mouth watering at first sight. Boasting a mild clean flavor and a sweet finish, our delightful cooked shrimp has a firm yet succulent texture and a small flake that lends itself well to so many dishes. The tail left intact, our shrimp not only taste amazing but also make an elegant presentation on the plate.

The perfect choice for the busy host, our shrimp are a cinch to reheat. Already cooked, simply throw them into a hot pan with a little oil or toss into a pot of boiling water. Be sure to leave on the heat for only a minute or two so as not to overcook them. If adding to a hot dish, there’s no need to reheat simply swirl them into the dish a few minutes before its done, then plate and serve as you regularly would. A delicious addition to any recipe save time and effort by using our gourmet pre-cooked shrimp in your next meal!

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