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Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil - Skinless and Boneless

from Spain by La Brujula
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Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil - Skinless and Boneless

If you’re not a fish lover now , these fresh sardines will make you one. One of the finest delights produced by La Brújula, these Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil are the result of a highly meticulous process. Hand-selected and processed, the employees remove the skin and bones from the fish, which tones down the flavor completely: it becomes super mild, not fishy at all, making them great for those who are a little skeptical when it comes to seafood. The sardines are then lightly steamed, placed in salt and olive oil, and are finally separated according to their size: the small ones are hand-packed into small cans, and the big ones into big cans. You’ll find a good variety in the canning options, which depend on the size of the sardines and on the number of pieces you’re looking for. These sardines come in 3-4 pieces, 12-15 pieces and 16-20 pieces.

La Brújula describes their cans as being pieces of art, to which they provide special attention and individual dedication. This is what makes them unique and a real jewel: the way they treat the raw materials assures the freshness of the final product.

Buy these skinless and boneless Sardine Fillets in Olive Oil at Gourmet Food Store and discover why they're delicious to eat straight from the can and are also super practical to create simple but filling meals. With these Spanish sardines you can prepare, for example, a quick and easy Jamaican dish: just pour the olive oil straight from the can of sardines into a frying pan, warm it up, throw in some garlic, some onions, the sardines, a small amount of chopped tomatoes, salt and pepper, and you’re all set! They combine with everything, you'll create an endless list of recipes: these sardines go perfectly with whichever vegetable you have in your kitchen. So be ready to sauté away!

Ingredients: small sardines, olive oil and salt
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.

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