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Flounder Fillets Rolled with Crab

from United States by Kaptain's Ketch
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Flounder Fillets Rolled with Crab

Ready to go in minutes, simply heat these crab-stuffed flounder fillets, serve, and enjoy! In less than twenty minutes, you can be relishing the delicate taste of premium, wild-caught Alaskan fish. With practically unlimited ways to serve our tasty flounder, you’ll love not only their taste but their versatility. Two served alone make for a delicious meal, but they are also the perfect topping for pasta, risotto, or salad. An excellent appetizer or entree, you’ll love all the amazing options available to you when you have a few of our delicious crab-stuffed flounder fillets on hand.

Wild-caught in Alaska, delicious Yellowfin Sole (sometimes referred to as Flounder) is masterfully wrapped around a luscious filling of crab to create this tasty entree. While technically a member of the flounder family, Kaptain’s Ketch does their customers one better by using Sole. A grade better than Flounder with a delicate sweet flavor and a firm texture, Yellowfin Sole is not only easier to maneuver around the crab stuffing but also gives a far superior taste. For the filling, sweet succulent claw crab meat is combined with fresh cracked pepper, onions, and panko bread crumbs. To give an elegant look, each stuffed fish is finished with a sprinkle of paprika and some fresh chopped parsley.

71 years since their founding Kaptain’s Ketch has proven itself as one of the leading producers of all manner of fresh and frozen seafood. Founded in 1950 as a single retail seafood store, Kaptain’s quickly grew into a local New Jersey chain, eventually branching out into full-fledged seafood distribution for restaurants throughout the area. Now servicing both regional and national, they have become a mainstay in restaurants and grocery stores across the country. Using state-of-the-art technology in their seafood processing facility, they transform each of their carefully selected ingredients into delicious dishes for you to enjoy! Starting with only the best fish, they ensure that every one of their products meets their extraordinarily high manufacturing standards.

On a mission to provide their customers with the finest, most wholesome, and innovative products in the industry, they continue to satisfy their customers every day. Try their exceptional products for yourself and taste the gourmet difference of the Kaptain’s fresh Ketch!

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