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Authentic Greek Cheese Dip with Feta Cheese

from Greece by Ifantis
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Authentic Greek Cheese Dip with Feta Cheese

This Greek Feta Cheese Dip by Ifantis is perfect to indulge in the flavors of the Mediterranean without any messy preparation. This dip is delightfully richly texture thanks to the feta cheese, making it velvety smooth and thick - with just the right amount of lemon juice added to bring some tartness to its creaminess.

Feta cheese is one of Greece’s most famous gastronomical creations and is an important component in a wide variety of their traditional dishes, bringing a unique flavor to anything it is added to. Lower in fat than other pasteurized cheeses like Cheddar or Parmesan, Feta comes from sheep’s or goat’s milk, which adds to its signature tanginess.

Garnish with some finely chopped chives or a sprinkling of dill before serving with some warm pita slices. Add some crème and pickled vegetables if you want to create a bit of a contrast in textures. Our authentic feta cheese dip is also delicious spread on a wrap, souvlaki-style.

Established in 1979, Ifantis is still creating inspiring new recipes that truly embrace the powerful flavors of the Mediterranean, like with this amazing Greek Feta Cheese Dip.

Ingredients: Cottage cheese, mayonnaise (vegetable oil, water, egg yolk powder, vinegar, salt, sugar, lemon juice, natural spices, thickening agents: modified starch, xanthan gum, guar gum), white cheese, starch, butter, feta cheese (2%), acidity regulators: citric acid, lactic acid, preservatives: sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate. Contains cheese (71%). May contain traces of soy, celery, mustard, sesame and fish.
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