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Natural Greek Sea Salt Crystals

from Greece by Trikalinos
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Natural Greek Sea Salt Crystals

It stands to reason that a company that has perfected the art of salting their famed Bottarga would know a thing or two about salt – after all, they only pick the best one for their Avgotaraho.

This bright and fresh sea salt is harvested in Etoliko, a protected region of seawater lagoons in Greece. Extracted using a gentle and natural evaporation process, this sea salt is pure and unrefined, filled with minerals and trace elements that give it a rich flavor but also great health benefits. It’s as natural as it can be, never mixed with additives, improvers or anticaking agents, just salt dried by the Greek sun.

Moist, with a pleasing crunch, and Trikalinos Sea Salt can be used both for cooking and for delicately finishing dishes like roasts, chicken, fish, risotto or sweet tarts or chocolate truffles. The fine crystals quickly and evenly dissolve into foods, for perfect seasoning. Sprinkled on your morning avocado salt, or to finish a simple bruschetta of toasted bread, fresh ripe tomatoes, and a drizzle of olive oil. Divinely simple – and healthful!

Trikalinos is a company most famous for its prized Avgotaraho, Bottarga grey mullet roe. Trikalinos was started by three enterprising Greek brothers back in 1856, in Etoliko, a town with a rich fishing history with a large lagoon in the central west coast of Greece. Trikalinos Avgotaraho is beloved by the best chefs in the world, like Jose Andres, and served in the best restaurants, like El Cellar de Can Roca.

Ingredients: Salt Crystals.
Availability: Usually ships within 1 business days. Product is non-perishable and can ship via Ground service.
Types of Spices: Sea Salt & Rock Salt
Origin: Greece

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